It is part of the school's mission to support the artistic aspirations and scholarly pursuits of all UNLV students, and we welcome you to our courses and performance activities. Music studies can be a valuable component of a well-rounded liberal arts, science, or business education. Even if you major in other disciplines, you can benefit in many life-changing ways from the theoretical and applied skills learned through music study.

Introductory courses are offered in a variety of skills (including music literacy, composition, and instrumental performance) as well as historical and cultural studies (such as music appreciation and the histories of popular music and jazz).

Many courses in the School of Music satisfy the university's core international, multicultural, fine arts, and technology requirements. These courses are:

International Core Requirement

  • MUS 121: Music Appreciation
  • MUS 341: Music History I

Multicultural Requirement

  • MUS 345: Jazz History I

Fine Arts Requirement

  • MUS 121: Music Appreciation

Technology Core Requirement

  • MUS 101: Music Fundamentals and Ear Training
  • MUSA 133: Introduction to MIDI Synthesizers
  • MUS 231E: Introduction to Recording
  • MUS 201, 202: Basic Musicianship (w/lab)
  • MUS 235: Finale TM: An Introduction
  • MUSA 233: MIDI Synthesizers Level 2
  • MUS 232E: Intermediate Recording Techniques
  • MUS 303, 304: Advanced Musicianship (w/lab)

Performing Ensembles

Among the most exciting and desirable opportunities for non-majors are those offered by our performing ensembles, which students with appropriate instrumental or vocal ability may join (often by audition). These ensembles include the university's bands, orchestras, and choral ensembles, as well as community-based ensembles.

Each ensemble has its own audition and membership policies and procedures. See Ensembles for further information.

Music Minor

The minor in music is an excellent way to enhance your major field with in-depth musical studies. Information about the minor in music can be found on the Music Minors page.

Non-music Majors May Take Certain Courses for Music Majors

If you are not a music major, but have the necessary skills and prerequisites, you may enroll in many advanced courses typically populated by music majors. If you plan to have a career in the sciences, business, or industry, you will find that music studies enhance your social, cultural, and business life.