Tutoring Services and Study Groups

In collaboration with the UNLV Academic Success Center, we offer tutoring services for all levels of disciplines.

Motivation and Career Awareness

The Multicultural Program has forged many professional relationships throughout the community and secured various mentorship and motivational opportunities from professionals in our fields of focus.

Internship & Employment Opportunities

Through our Advisory Board members, we obtain many employment opportunities in our respective fields of study throughout the community.


Several scholarships, from public and private institutions, are available throughout the year to students of the STEM and health-related majors.

Academic Advising and Personal Counseling

Obtaining counsel and advice on how to successfully navigate life during and after college is not only highly recommended, but ultimately, invaluable. Advisors from UNLV’s advising centers can help students succeed throughout their academic careers.

Advising Centers

Professional Development

The Multicultural Program for Engineering, Sciences, Integrated Health Sciences, Community Health Sciences, and Nursing, in conjunction with Career Services and our Advisory Board Members, identifies summer jobs and internships as two of the most significant ways to enhance your career awareness. A key role of the MP is to help place you with companies that offer summer and part-time work as well as internships. Upon graduation, many students have received job offers with companies they have worked for.

We have several opportunities within UNLV for you to consider:

  • Explore career options at all of UNLV's Career Fairs
  • Research college majors
  • Get involved with professional industry organizations including SASE, SHPE, NSBE, AISES, SWE, and S.T.A.R.S.
  • Establish peer and professional mentoring relationships
  • Participate in internships with many of our community partners
  • Utilize the help of Career Services and the Advising Centers in your major