In support of UNLV’s efforts to nurture diversity within the STEM and health science programs, we provide a wide range of student services including academic advising, tutoring, one-on-one counseling, and assistance in finding summer and part-time jobs within the STEM and health sciences industries. After thirty years, we’ve been able to help students from different backgrounds achieve their goals with testimonials to show for it. Through the Multicultural Program, students within minority groups are prepared with essential information, exposure, educational opportunities, and materials in preparation for careers within the rigorous disciplines of science, technology, engineering, math, and health sciences.

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Mission Statement

The mission of UNLV’s Multicultural Program is to encourage and recruit more minority and underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students1 into the STEM and healthcare related disciplines, foster a positive and caring learning atmosphere that supports classroom instruction and professional development, increase retention and graduation rates, and improve overall student success by helping them:

  1. Improve their academic motivation and performance
  2. Enhance their self-esteem and confidence as independent learners
  3. Engage in related community service activities (Service Learning2)
  4. Achieve their educational and career goals

1 The National Science Foundation definition of underrepresented and minority students include those underrepresented in the advanced levels of the U.S science and engineering pool: American Indians, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Alaskans (Eskimo or Aleut) and Native Pacific Islanders (Polynesian or Micronesian).

2 A teaching technique in which students participate in a community service activity that is clearly related to the academic objectives of a course and/or major field of study. As a result, students gain relevant, hands-on experience while improving the quality of life of citizens in our region (The Corporation for National Service).