Kevin Stoker, Ph.D.

Director, Greenspun School of Journalism & Media Studies
Portrait of Kevin Stoker
Kevin Stoker previously served as senior associate dean of the College of Media & Communication at Texas Tech University. His research interests include media ethics, the evolution of journalism, and creative approaches to public relations. His professional background includes work as a print reporter and freelance writer. Stoker joined Texas Tech University in 2009 as an associate dean for…

Benjamin Morse

Visiting Lecturer, Director of Rebel Media Group
Headshot of Benjamin Morse
Benjamin Morse has led courses focusing on digital and social media, podcasting, public relations and marketing since 2018. Prior to joining the university, Morse worked in the entertainment industry, including 10 years at Marvel Entertainment where he served as editorial director of digital media to oversee content creation, social media, audio and video production, and more. Morse has been…

Jacqueline Wayment

Project Director, Rebel Media Group
Headshot of Jacqueline Wayment
Joining the team in 2018, Jacqueline Wayment is project director for Rebel Media Group and guides students as they put social media content production, content management, project management, and other valuable workforce skills into practice. Wayment previously pursued her passion for journalism and politics at Boise State University. There she served as social media intern and associate…

Jessica Terrones

Assistant Manager, Rebel Media Group
Headshot of Jessica Terrones
A proud alumna of the UNLV Journalism and Media Studies program, Jessica Terrones is an experienced social media strategist and content creator based in Chicago. Having worked in agency and in-house roles throughout her career, Jessica's expertise lies in organic social media strategy and content marketing. As the assistant manager at Rebel Media Group, Terrones mentors students pursuing careers…