Due to social distancing practices and in an effort to reduce the spreading of COVID-19, Human Resources encourages all hiring managers to conduct candidate interviews through our existing video conferencing technology. Virtual interviews should only be used only if:

  • The position meets the exemption requirements as set forth by NSHE and the state of Nevada; or
  • The position has been approved by Chancellor Thom Reilly as an exemption to the current hiring freeze.

The Office of Information Technology utilizes WebEx for its virtual meeting technology. View this document for additional information on how to utilize WebEx.

Setting up a Virtual Interview

  1. Ensure that the position has been approved, either through the exemption process through the safety and health waiver or through the Chancellor’s approval.
  2. Run Tests: Ensure that webcams and microphones are working for each of the committee members.

Tip: Make sure you have the candidate’s phone number to reach them in case technology fails.

It’s Time to Interview

Remember to treat each interview as if it were an on-site interview by following these best practices:

  • Do not use personal devises during the interview, stay engaged even if you did not initiate the question.
  • Ask each candidate the same set of questions.
  • Look at the camera, not the screen.
  • Identify who will be the moderator for the interview, typically this responsibility is with the committee chair.
  • All participants should keep their microphone on mute, unless speaking.
  • When first beginning the interview, all cameras should be on. At the onset of the interview, the moderator should ask the committee to turn off their cameras, until it is their turn to speak. When it is each committee member’s time to speak, they should unmute their microphone and turn on their camera. Keep the camera and microphone on until the candidate has completely answered the question.
  • If you would like to ask a follow-up question, use the “raise your hand” feature, to be recognized by the moderator. Once allowed, remember to unmute your microphone and turn on your camera.
  • Once the last question has been asked, committee members should turn on their cameras. The moderator should thank the candidate for participating.

Tip: Be sure to build rapport with each candidate as if you were in person.