One to six months prior to your departure

  • Discuss your separation with your supervisor and determine an effective date
  • Classified employees: complete the Resignation from State Service Form. All other employees complete a Letter of Resignation
  • Initiate your termination in Workday
    • On Workday Homepage click on blue cloud in upper right corner and select ‘View Profile’
    • Select ‘Actions’ underneath your name
    • Click on ‘Job Change’ and then ‘Resignation’.
    • Complete prompts and select Worker Resignation and select reason
    • Upload resignation letter
  • Schedule a Clearance meeting by emailing
  • Determine with your supervisor whether or not you need to exhaust your annual leave prior to your departure
  • If involved in research, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at EXT. 51357 regarding your exit

Two to four weeks prior to your departure

  • Settle any outstanding debts owed to UNLV
    • Library fines and/or materials
    • Parking fines
    • Procurement card (P Card)
    • Outstanding travel
    • Return UNLV property including computer equipment, phones, uniforms, etc.

Last week of employment

  • Turn in keys and parking pass
  • Update your personal email and address (if applicable) in Workday by clicking on the blue cloud in the upper right corner and select ‘View Profile’. Select ‘Actions>Personal Data>Change Contact Information and complete prompts.
  • Review your Workday account to review any delegations and reassign if necessary
  • Update your voicemail to reflect that you are leaving and provide name of individual to call
  • Change your email to reflect that you are leaving and provide name of individual to contact