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What Is Real Colors

What is Real Colors?

Real Colors is a four-color personality assessment and workshop designed to help people better understand themselves and each other. It creates a common language that helps improve communication and create an environment in which everyone’s motivations and perspectives are better understood.

UNLV now offers these dynamic, engaging workshops to departments and units on campus. Each fun, fast-paced workshop is facilitated by certified UNLV Real Colors facilitators. The skills learned are highly and immediately applicable to work with colleagues, family, and friends. Research conducted at Arizona State University found Real Colors to have a high reliability score for all colors.


“Real Colors workshops use engaging team-building activities to teach participants diverse communication techniques and how to better empower their colleagues. We provide this training to give faculty and staff the tools necessary to celebrate their workstyle differences and collaborate more holistically.”

Ericka Smith, Vice President & Chief People Officer

Key Facts

  • Certified Real Colors facilitators lead sessions
  • Workshops are three hours long
  • In-person or virtual workshops are available


  • Improves communication skills
  • Enhances teamwork
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Facilitates self-discovery
  • Provides valuable insight into how others react to situations

Who’s Eligible?

Any team or campus unit with a minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 25. Units with more than 25 members will be divided into separate workshops. Units with less than 10 members may be combined in workshops with other groups.

This training is particularly useful for a team who:

  • Is looking for a tangible way to better understand each other and enhance their relationships
  • Is looking for a common language to use to help constructively engage in healthy conflict
  • Wants to better understand each other’s behaviors so they may more effectively reach their goals
  • Wants to better understand each other’s strengths so they work more efficiently as a team

Who funds Real Colors?

The team’s department or unit funds the cost of training. These costs include:

  • $18.99 per person for paper training materials
  • $23.99 for virtual training materials
  • Shipping costs for paper training materials

There is no cost for the UNLV Real Colors certified facilitator that conducts the training.

Getting Started

To sign up for a Real Colors workshop, follow these steps:

  • Team leader must submit complete the intake form
  • The Director of Organizational and Employee Development receives the form and contacts the team leader to learn more and suggests a training facilitator
  • The facilitator and team leader meet to discuss goals, expectations, activities, and workshop date

UNLV Real Colors Facilitators

The Director of Organizational Development will pair your team with a facilitator. These UNLV employees are fully certified Real Colors facilitators:

Allyson Alexander
Specialist, Employee Relations
Arturo Baltazar, Jr.
Benefits Personnel Analyst, Human Resources
Emily Earnest 
Employee Relations Specialist, Employee Relations, Human Resources

Evelyn Johnson
Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition and Development, Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

Karlie Passey
Human Resources Business Partner, Business Affairs

Kelly Scherado
Senior Human Resource Business Partner, University Police Services

Kristen Lowrimore
Human Resource Manager, Medicine, Human Resources

Lisa Youngdahl
Principal Compensation Analyst, Human Resources

Marion Wiseman
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Development, Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement

Marieugenia Sieck
Senior HR Business Partner, School of Dental Medicine, Human Resources
Missy Arendash
Associate Director for Programs & Events, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement
Nakia Jackson-Hale
Assistant Dean of Administration, Outreach, and Engagement, School of Nursing
Nicole Hudson
Associate Director of Campus Relations, Office of Online Education
Veronica "Roni" Freeman
Assistant Financial Administrator, Medicine Family Medicine Instruction


"Real Colors training was a fun approach to learning more about what motivates others and what truly motivates me. The lessons learned have helped me communicate more effectively with my staff, colleagues, and family."

Colin Tewey, Admin Services Officer 1

“Real Colors was a training that helped me understand my true identity, not only here at the workplace, but also in my home life. The trainers did a great job letting participants discover their own reasoning on why they are the primary color that they scored. I felt like the color definitions also painted a good picture on what each color means and how they fit into your personality.”

Eric Compton, Hazardous Materials Safety Technician

Advanced Sessions

Once your team has completed their initial workshop, advanced workshops are available. These sessions are designed to dive deeper into such topics as giving feedback, building trust, improving communication, and understanding emotional intelligence Advanced workshops include:

  • Real Colors and Feedback: This activity examines how each of the four Real Colors prefers to receive feedback so team members can effectively communicate
  • Trust: Each Real Color perceives trust differently. Learn how to create and foster a trusting environment.
  • Communication Patterns: This workshop explores the patterns of communication expressed by each of the four Real Colors in order to encourage better communication and collaboration.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Who Am I?: In this activity participants gain a foundational understanding of emotional intelligence and the importance of using Real Colors as a tool to develop personal and social emotional intelligence skills.
  • Working Together on a Project: Groups work together to complete a simple project to better understand the strengths each Primary Color brings to a team.

To set up an advanced session, please complete the Real Colors Intake Form.


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