Federal and State Benefits

Social Security

UNLV employees do not contribute to Social Security. As a result, employees who qualify to receive Social Security benefits and also receive retirement income from the university may see a reduction in their Social Security benefits. This is called the windfall elimination provision.


Mandatory Medicare contributions of 1.45 percent are withheld from your total gross wages. These contributions are matched by UNLV.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a benefit provided to employees who are injured as a result of performing their work duties. UNLV employees are covered by workers’ compensation. workers’ compensation benefits include payments for medical expenses, disability compensation, and death benefits when an employee sustains an injury or is killed because of a work-related accident.

UNLV’s workers’ compensation program is administered through the university’s risk management and safety department.


UNLV is a covered employer under Nevada’s unemployment laws. For more information regarding eligibility for unemployment benefits, visit the Nevada department of employment, training, and rehabilitation.