Residence Halls Costs

Room Costs for Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

Future Room Costs

The following room costs are listed as a per semester rate for the next upcoming academic years:

  2024 - 2025 2025 - 2026 2026 - 2027 2027 - 2028
South Double $3,019 $3,170 $3,313 $3,512
Dayton/Tonopah Double $3,288 $3,452 $3,608 $3,825
Dayton/Tonopah Triple $3,288 $3,452 $3,608 $3,825
UCC Single $3,936 $4,133 $4,319 $4,578

Please note that Dayton Community is reserved for first-year students and requires a full academic year contract (two semesters), and the Upper Class Complex (UCC) is reserved for non-freshmen

Application Fee

A nonrefundable application fee of $125 is paid when a new resident submits a housing application. Students currently residing on campus at UNLV are not required to pay the application fee.

Dining Plans

All residence hall students are required to purchase a Residential Meal Plan. This is because you don’t have a kitchen in your room, and it’s how UNLV can ensure that residents have ample access to meals all day, every day. Please review the Residential Dining Plans.

Other Additional Fees

Please be advised that the following fees may be incurred:

  • Temporary access card: First two cards are free, after that $15.00 each. $10.00 charge for returning your card late and $25.00 charge if not returned within 72 hours
  • Improper checkout: $100
  • Meal-plan change: $25
  • Early arrival: $60 per day; includes three meals and lodging
  • Late stay: $30 per day; includes lodging only
  • Winter break housing is available. Please complete for at HRL desk. $30.00 per night, no meal service included.
  • Damage or loss to UNLV property: based upon labor and materials for repair
  • "Roommate-ready": labor required to bring room into compliance so that a new student may move into the room, if the condition is caused by the current resident
  • Termination: 75% buyout fee for the academic-year contract

Making Payments

The Office of Housing & Residential Life fees are combined onto the student’s university account and are payable at the same time as tuition payments. Students are responsible for paying their fees on time. The most convenient way to pay your housing fees is through MyUNLV. You may also pay by mail or in person at the Office of Cashiering and Student Accounts (SSC, first floor). For more information on payment methods, location, tuition, and other university fees see the Office of Cashiering and Student Accounts.


Scholarship Incentives

Academic scholarships are available for eligible students living on campus:

Utilizing Financial Aid

Financial aid can help pay for your housing. Any aid that is disbursed is applied first toward your tuition and university fees before funds are applied toward your room-and-board costs. If your financial aid will not cover all of your room-and-board costs, you are responsible for paying the balance according to the payment schedule. Students with financial aid awards will not be responsible for late fees when those awards are disbursed after an established payment date. Visit Financial Aid & Scholarships for more information.