The UNLV Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) scholarship may be offered to the UNLV entering freshmen class and eligible transfer students who reside in one of the following states or territories: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.

Awards are offered to the UNLV entering freshmen class and eligible transfer students. This scholarship is not guaranteed to all students who meet the criteria because of funding limitations. Priority consideration is provided if the eligibility requirements are met and you are admitted by the November 15th deadline until scholarship funds expire. This scholarship is not considered an entitlement program. Students are encouraged to apply for admission to UNLV as early as possible.

Award Value

Nonresident students are charged 150% of the in-state tuition rate. This is a tuition savings of several thousand dollars per year over the nonresident rate.

The estimated savings for full-time enrollment is approximately $11,000 per year. This amount varies based on enrollment as a per credit tuition discount.

Application Procedures

  • There is no application. The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office will review high school transcripts, test scores, transfer credits and transfer GPAs from the Admission's Office for eligibility. Priority consideration is based upon a first come, first considered basis up through July 1 of the upcoming school year.
  • No student should assume he or she will be receiving this scholarship until an official award notice has been received from the UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Selected students will be notified of an award within his or her MyUNLV Communication Center.

Freshman Student Initial Award Criteria

Students must have the following:

  • 3.25 unweighted overall high school grade point average, or
  • 24 ACT score, or
  • 1160 SAT score combined critical reading and math.
  • Enroll and complete at least 12 credit hours (full-time enrollment) fall and spring semesters (credit requirement does not apply to the summer terms).
  • Live in a UNLV residence hall* the freshmen year
    *Students must have applied for traditional residence hall housing as defined by the Association of College and University Housing Officers for one of the following owned and operated UNLV residence halls:
    • Dayton Community
    • Tonopah Community
    • South Complex
    • Upper Class Complex
  • Must be a student starting in the fall semester. Spring or summer admits are not eligible for this program.

Transfer Student Initial Award Criteria

  • Must not exceed 90 transfer credit hours
  • Must have a 3.0 cumulative transfer GPA
  • Must enroll and complete at least 12 credit hours fall and spring semesters (credit requirement does not apply to the summer terms)
  • Must be a transfer student starting fall semester. Spring or summer transfer students are not eligible for the program.

Renewability Requirements

Students are provided consumer information about their scholarship and are expected to understand the terms and conditions of this scholarship. Students who do not meet the renewable conditions will not have their scholarship reinstated.

  • Must have continuous full time (12 credit hours or more) enrollment at UNLV with the exception of summer term enrollment
  • Must maintain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average, including grades received during the summer term
  • Must pass and complete 12 credits per semester (credit requirement does not apply to the summer terms, although the GPA requirement does apply)
  • Must not exceed 135 credit hours or 9 semesters (whichever comes first)

Consumer Information

  • Students offered the WUE scholarship should plan to enroll full-time at UNLV during the fall semester that they are offered the award. Students not attending UNLV during the first fall semester will forfeit their scholarship.
  • Students whose residency status for tuition purposes is changed to Nevada (in-state) will lose their WUE scholarship eligibility. Only students who are considered Out-of-State for tuition purposes may be eligible.
  • Students receiving WUE awards must disenroll from the WUE program and pay full nonresident tuition for at least 12 months to be reclassified as Nevada residents. To disenroll from the WUE program, students must submit a signed, dated statement to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. An application for reclassification of residency may be submitted if the material facts of a student's residency, or the parents' or legal guardian's residency, have substantially changed following matriculation.
    Residency Application Process Information
  • Students who elect to graduate with more than one major (double, triple major) will likely run out of scholarship eligibility. This scholarship program is designed to achieve only one major. You cannot appeal to extend your eligibility
  • Students who have earned AP credits/college credits while in high school should be advised that these credits will apply toward the 135 maximum credit limit. Please consult your Academic Advisor to review your program’s required courses and see how these credits may apply.
  • Students taking summer courses should be advised that these credits also apply toward the 135 maximum credit limit.
  • College classes taken while attending high school will not exempt a student from the first-year residence hall requirement
  • A student who does not live in the residence hall during their freshman year permanently forfeits scholarship eligibility. If a waiver is submitted by the student to the Housing Office petitioning to live off campus is approved, scholarship eligibility for this program is still forfeited.
  • WUE awards may be offered to students based on self-reported academic information from the Admissions application. If it is determined you have incorrectly self-reported data on your Admissions application and final academic transcripts indicate you would not have met the WUE academic standards, your WUE award will be cancelled based upon the inaccurate information you reported.
  • UNLV webpage is the official source of accurate information and no other websites, including WICHE, are considered official.

WUE Probation

Students who do not meet the renewal criteria for the fall or spring semesters will be placed on WUE probation. WUE probation is granted only one time.

WUE probation is a one semester grace period for a student to meet the scholarship criteria. If a student still has not achieved the minimum WUE scholarship standards, the scholarship is forfeited. There is no appeal process since WUE probation acts as a grace period to make up any academic deficiencies.

Graduating seniors who will be enrolling below full time (under 12 credits) during their final semester should submit the Scholarship Probation Appeal Form along with a printed copy of their UNLV degree audit report in order to avoid WUE probation status. The degree audit report can be obtained from your academic advisor or by going to MyUNLV -> Student Services Center -> My Academics -> View my Advisement Report -> Printer Friendly Page. Students submitting this appeal who do not complete their degree as stated will be placed on probation status or, if one semester probation has already been issued, will forfeit their WUE Scholarship for future semesters. This appeal must be received 7 calendar days prior to the start of the student's final semester.