Graduate Assistantships

Each spring semester, the department selects a number of graduate assistantships and part-time instructor graduate assistantships for the next academic year. All students in the program are eligible for these awards and are encouraged to apply. To apply, you can visit the Graduate College website and click on the Apply Yourself Application button, which is located at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

These materials should be submitted by Feb. 1 for applicants to receive full consideration for GA positions.

All current GAs are required to apply for renewal of their assistantships. For assistantships to be renewed, current GAs need to be performing well in their course work and need to be performing their GA assignments well.

Occasionally, assistantships do become available for the spring semester. To be eligible for these awards, students need to have submitted the required application materials by Nov. 1 of the preceding fall semester. Students who submit materials by Feb. 1 for consideration for the following fall and do not receive GA awards will automatically be placed in the pool of eligible applicants for spring semester awards.

For more detailed information regarding graduate assistantships, please be sure to review the graduate handbook or visit the Graduate College’s webpage regarding GAships.