Chair's Welcome

The history department provides students with a broad knowledge of the human past and experience and the appreciation of diverse cultures crucial in a smaller and smaller world.

Welcome to the UNLV Department of History website, where you can learn more about our innovative and award-winning programs, meet our extraordinary community of scholar-teachers and dedicated staff, and hear from our alumni. As you will see, the history department supplies a critical component of a liberal arts education by providing a historically informed perspective on the contemporary world and the challenges that it faces.

The department’s broader objectives include:

  1. Transmitting the accumulated knowledge of the human past through formal teaching by tenured and tenure-track faculty at all levels of the curriculum;
  2. Generating and disseminating new knowledge of the past through innovative research;
  3. Training students in the skills of research, critical analysis, and effective communication;
  4. Contributing fundamentally to the university’s efforts to promote understanding of global, multicultural, and international issues; and
  5. Providing services to the local community as part of a robust relationship based on interdependence and reciprocity.

We’re delighted that you are taking the time to learn more about us and our programs.

Paul Werth
Professor and Chair