Majority of Health Sciences degrees require Math 124 or higher. (not Math 121/122/123/132/170) A grade of C or better is required to advance to the next math course.

  • Pre-Nursing – Math 124 (B or higher) within 2 attempts
  • Kinesiology – Math 124 (C or higher)
  • Nutrition - Math 124 (C or higher)
  • Health Physics – Math 181 & 182
  • Comprehensive Medical Imaging – Math 126 & 127 (C or higher)
  • Healthcare Administration - Math 124 (C or higher)
  • Public Health - Math 124 (C or higher)

Attend New Student Orientation, meet with your academic advisor once a semester, be curious and ask questions. Always ask for help when you are unsure of something.


UNLV offers a variety of services and technologies that make it easy to stay in touch with your instructors and peers. So whatever the circumstances - campus closure, weather conditions, illness, or family emergency - you can take your class online or work from home with short notice.

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UNLV parking permits can be purchased online through the Office of Parking & Transportation Services’ website.

For assistance in setting up your account, please contact the Parking & Transportation Services office at 702-895-1300. All permits are now virtual.

Want to attend events, join organizations, and read up on news articles about UNLV? Take advantage of the UNLV Student Involvement & Activities website. SIA is a great tool to help build connections to the vibrant and diverse UNLV community through innovative programming and involvement opportunities that elevate the students' academic experience, resulting in engaged and empowered leaders in a global society.

Scholarships are disbursed by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and recipients are chosen by a variety of methods and on and off campus entities.

Entering first-year students are automatically considered for scholarships based on admission to the university and the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Alternate Need Form.

You can also call UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships at 833-318-1228.

Your academic advisor will enroll you into the appropriate classes for your first semester only based on your major and your official placement information received by the Office of Admissions.

It is important to meet with your advisor at least once every semester to ensure that you are taking the correct courses each semester. Your degree worksheet is also a helpful tool to ensure that you are taking courses necessary to complete your degree.