Option to Embargo

As part of the graduation requirements for students completing theses, dissertations, or doctoral projects, students must submit their final approved document electronically to ProQuest and Digital Scholarship@UNLV, both digital repositories of intellectual output.

Some students may have a compelling reason to embargo their thesis or dissertation for a period of time to protect intellectual property rights or due to other publication restrictions. Common reasons for embargoes include:

  • Publishing conflicts
  • Patent applications
  • Potential to publish in the next few years
  • Monograph publication timeline
  • Funding contracts

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Requesting an Embargo

In order to embargo their thesis or dissertation, students must complete the Embargo Request Form, which can be found in the Grad Rebel Gateway (click Forms, then Additional Forms). Since the author owns the copyright to the document, embargoes can only be filed by the document’s author.

Embargo Length Options

Embargoes are available for one, three, five, or seven years at a time. Students can also request a permanent embargo in ProQuest, coupled with a seven-year embargo with Digital Scholarship@UNLV.

Embargoes must be renewed, a minimum of one month prior to the embargo lift date, if students would like to continue to embargo their work longer than was approved in their original request. It is the student's responsibility to monitor their embargo in ProQuest and Digital Scholarship@UNLV. Please email grad.rpc@unlv.edu for the renewal form.