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Inspiration, Innovation, Impact: A Celebration of Graduate Student Research

The Inspiration, Innovation, Impact event showcases the best in UNLV graduate student research. We invite you to join us to see a select group of outstanding graduate students from a variety of colleges giving short, 5-minute, TED-style talks or performances.

Inspiration, Innovation, Impact kicks off the Graduate & Professional Student Association's annual Research Forum.

This event fulfills the major campus research event requirement for the Grad Rebel Advantage Program. Please see the program website for additional details.

Upcoming Events

Event Title Description Date Time Location
6th Annual Inspiration, Innovation, Impact: A Celebration of Graduate Student Research

Please join the Graduate College and the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) for a celebration of graduate student research and scholarship at the sixth annual Inspiration,...

Thursday, April 1, 2021 (All day)

Please be advised that your participation in the Inspiration, Innovation, Impact event may amount to a public disclosure which could jeopardize your ability to obtain patent protection in certain jurisdictions. As a student, prior to participating and openly sharing the details of your project, you may want to seek legal counsel. Regarding faculty, staff member or employee of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, please contact the Office of Economic Development regarding any disclosure you plan to share or otherwise present to ensure compliance with NSHE policy and to best advise you on how to protect any intellectual property that may arise from your project.