First Generation Faculty

First generation faculty members face many of the same challenges entering their first jobs in higher education as they did when they were first generation students pursuing their academic degrees. Some of these challenges include:

  • Being unfamiliar with the new environment
  • Difficulty accessing campus and community resources
  • Making networking connections for collaborative opportunities
  • Understanding how to navigate the tenure and promotion process

At UNLV, the Intersection serves as a connection point to help new faculty members acclimate to our campus. We provide monthly gatherings that allow for faculty to meet, share ideas and information, and connect with others over a cup of coffee. These networking events have resulted in partnerships for academic programming, interdisciplinary research collaborations, and making faculty feel welcomed, valued, and part of the UNLV family.

The Intersection helps faculty:

  • Become familiar with the UNLV campus and the local Las Vegas community
  • Interpret university policies and procedures
  • Receive resource materials
  • Resolve student/faculty issues
  • Secure information and resources for faculty to aid students in personal distress (anxiety, depression, homelessness, food insecurity, etc.)
  • Collaborate with faculty in meeting service requirements
  • Identify students for faculty mentoring opportunities, research assistance and participation, and feedback for proposed projects

We encourage all members of the UNLV community to stop by our office and let us know how we can best serve you. Our endeavors have been the direct and transparent result of hearing what our students, faculty, and staff need to be successful. We specialize in making cross-campus connections, bridging community resources for common interests, and making ideas come to life!

Upcoming Events

The Intersection Advisory Group, comprised of local community partners as well as UNLV faculty and staff, decided to intentionally focus the 2019-2020 school year in enhancing the first generation faculty experience. As a result, this year’s faculty initiatives include the following events for fall 2019:

No events found. Please check back soon.