Finance Internship (FIN 481)

Supervised on-site practical and professional learning experience in various participating local enterprises culminating in a written report. S/F grading only. Prerequisites: Admission to the finance major, minimum 3.00 UNLV GPA, and minimum 3.00 major GPA, completion of FIN 303 and FIN 307 with at least C.

About the Course

  • Designed as a Finance elective course for highly motivated Finance students.
  • Enhances a student’s academic training from practical experiences in a variety of finance activities in a functioning organization.
  • Pre-arranged and jointly agreed upon by the student, the sponsor, and the Finance Department's internship coordinator.
  • Course is subject to all regular academic rules of the University.
  • Sponsors receive the services of talented students who they may consider for permanent employment in the future.
  • Participating students may receive monetary compensation from the sponsor unless the sponsoring institution is a nonprofit organization.


  • Students are expected to find the internship themselves and deliver the offer letter to the internship coordinator. Separately students need to have the employer send to the coordinator a confirmation email detailing the job duties and responsibilities. The coordinator will assess whether the internship has a significant finance content and give recommendation to the department head for final approval / rejection.
  • Application form with original signature must be delivered to coordinator’s office or department. Any electronic duplicates such as fax or email is no longer acceptable according to the UNLV policy. Currently the application form can only be obtained from coordinator’s office and is not available online. Therefore, interested students need to schedule an appointment with the coordinator before office visit.
  • Students need to register for FIN 481 within one week after approved.

At Completion

At the end of the internship period, the student will provide the Internship Coordinator with the following:

  • A Time sheet verifying 150 hours worked. The time sheet should list the details of jobs/projects performed by slot (if applicable) and by day.
  • An Internship Report (approximately 10 pages in length, double spaced) detailing your duties and what you learned.
  • A letter or email from your supervisor evaluating your work performance.

Interested students and employers please contact Mr. Darwin Hopwood or the Lee Business School Undergraduate Advising.

For more Internship opportunities, visit Lee Career and Professional Development Office.