Art Exhibition: A Matter of Personality


Jul. 26, 2017, 9am to 5pm
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HFA 145 / Donna Beam Gallery
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Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery

“A Matter of Personality”

June 19 – August 4, 2017

The Donna Beam Gallery presents “A Matter of Personality.” If personality is defined as a set of distinctive traits and characteristics, then it certainly can serve as a descriptor of art. The title comes from a statement made by Marcel Duchamp, a perceptive observer and seminal artist who stated, “Art is all a matter of personality.” Whether the art establishes its own personality or it is reflective of the personality of the maker, four artists, Eric Burwell, Scott Grow, Camilla Quinn and Sean Slattery, whose work is part of this exhibition, offer a glimpse into the distinctive nature of their practice.

Bureell's paintings are simply objects about pure material and process shunning notions of what a painting should be. Grow lets his materials push, pull, pour, splatter, and spray until the moment arrives when, without a predetermined destination, the work takes form. Quinn strives to make works rich in intrigue and strong in form giving weight to intellect over emotion and concept over aesthetics. And Slattery’s work uses the internet as a source of imagery then translates, adapts, and restructures to produce his smart observations.

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