Calendar Policies

The Calendar of Events is a central source for event information at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The site is managed by UNLV Web and Digital Strategy. If you have any questions, contact the calendar editor.

Event Policies

To be included in the calendar, events must take place on one of the UNLV campuses or be sponsored by a UNLV entity such as a university department or official student organization.

Calendar entries are removed from within a year.

Events appropriate for listing on the calendar include:

  • Academic events and lectures
  • Athletic Events
  • Cultural activities
  • Major deadlines that apply to the majority of the campus community (admissions, graduation, financial aid, etc.)
  • Performances

Event listings will not be published if the content:

  • Is an ongoing course, competition, sweepstake, nomination period, or internal staff meeting
  • Is a deadline that applies to specific departments or groups (these deadlines should be posted to the Announcements module on your website, if applicable)
  • Is not consistent with existing university policies
  • Is of a purely personal nature to an individual submitter
  • Is not related to UNLV
  • Is a job listing
  • Is a solicitation
  • Is missing significant information or contains TBA/TBD information
  • Is only sharing a video, link, or attached file with no actual event associated with it

A calendar editor will review all entries. All entries are subject to edits and changes. You will be contacted if your submission is rejected or requires additional information.

Event Content Standards

Editorial Best Practices

Please follow the UNLV editorial style guide.

Do not use all caps anywhere in the entry (unless it is a known acronym). It is both a usability and accessibility issue.

Don’t use “click here” or “follow this link” or “register with this link” with or without a complete URL pasted in. It is bad for accessibilty, usability, and search engine optimization. The link text should always be descriptive and tell you exactly what you will get when you click the link. Example: "RSVP now," not "click here to RSVP." "Register to attend," not "follow this link to register."

Use exclamation marks sparingly unless dramatic emphasis is needed. Associated Press style is to only use them to express a high degree of surprise, incredulity or other strong emotion.

Do not capitalize faculty, staff or students.

Follow Associated Press style with times and dates. Example: 7 p.m., not 7:00 PM.

Do not bold random words within your text.

Enter phone numbers using hyphens. Example: 702-555-5555 not 7025555555.

Event Titles

There is an 80 character limit for event titles. Please note, if you exceed this limit, your title may be subject to editing.

Event Descriptions

It is required to have a small event description explaining what the event is about. This description should be accurate and written in a way that can be understood by any viewer.

Do not copy and paste the event title into the description. Submissions with no event description or “TBD” will be denied.

Admission Information

All events are required to list admission information. This includes who your event is open to, event registration methods, attendance capacity, or any other information that viewers need prior to attending.

Event Photos

  • Minimum Size: 850 x 567 pixels or larger
  • Accepted File Formats: jpg, gif, png

Image Orientation: Horizontal orientation only (wider rather than taller). We reserve the right to crop images to fit the space or remove them entirely if they do not meet the criteria.

Text: Images should contain little or no text. A title is acceptable, but event details or descriptions should be contained in the event description, not the image.

Flyers and Programs: We no longer accept flyers and programs on the master calendar of events. Do not submit a flyer as part of your event images.

Public Contact Information

All events are required to at least identify an office/company name, phone number, and email address. This information will be displayed to the public. Events that do not contain this information may be rejected by the calendar editor.

Event Tags

To make an event appear on a specific webpage calendar, please place the name of the event tag or the page URL in the Special Instructions field of the Calendar Submission form. The calendar editor will not tag events unless otherwise specified.


Entries and updates generally will be posted to the calendar within three working days after submission. This turnaround time excludes weekends and holidays. You may submit your event as soon as your details are confirmed.

Submission Changes

To cancel an event or change information, use the Change My Entry form.