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Summer Math Bridge Program for Engineering and Computer Science Majors

Math Bridge for engineering and computer science majors is a summer program that lets students prepare and test into their appropriate level math class and take precalculus courses over summer for FREE. To enter UNLV as an Engineering major, students must complete Math 126 – Precalculus I – or higher. Math Bridge for STEM Students provides students who tested into Math 126 or Math 127 an opportunity to do so and enter the fall semester in calculus, Math 181.

Precalculus Classes (Math 126 & 127)

Did you place into Precalculus I (Math 126) or Precalculus II (Math 127) either through the ACT/SAT or a placement exam, and want to get a jump start on your academic career and take Calculus (Math 181) in fall?

We’re offering several courses in Precalculus I (Math 126) and Precalculus II (Math 127). Each precalculus course is being offered once during each session.


Summer Session I - Math 126: June 10 - July 12, 2024

Both in-person and web live options are available.

Summer Sessions II and III- Math 126E+26B: June 10 - Aug. 2, 2024

In-person only.

Summer Session II - Math 127: July 15 - Aug. 16, 2024

Both in-person and web live options are available.

Benefits of Taking the Math Placement Prep Class and/or Precalculus Courses Over Summer

  • Get placed into the appropriate math class – start at the level you’re actually at by reviewing, testing and getting placed into the correct math class for you
  • Save money – all classes taken through the Math Bridge Program for STEM Students are free, saving you tuition costs
  • Get a jump start on your degree – entering the fall semester calculus-ready means you don’t lose any time in working towards your engineering, construction management or computer science degree
  • Graduate & start earning sooner – staying on track with your degree means you’ll graduate, enter the job market and can start earning sooner


The only cost associated with this opportunity is to purchase the eBook for either Math 126E or Math 126 or Math 127.

  • Math 126E and Math 126 eBook cost is $75
  • Math 127 eBook cost is $50

You will receive a digital copy of the text book in your UNLV Canvas account.

Benefits of Taking Summer Math Bridge for STEM Students

  • Save money, tuition is free!
  • Get a jump on your degree, enter fall calculus ready!
  • Graduate & start earning an income sooner!

Math 126 Overview

There are two versions of MATH 126 available:

  • Math 126: This course is designed for students who have achieved a satisfactory score on their ACT/SAT/Placement Test. It covers foundational mathematical concepts essential for success in higher-level courses.
  • Math 126E (Expanded): Students who do not place into or advance into the standard MATH 126 have the option to take this expanded version. MATH 126E maintains the same Student Learning Outcomes as MATH 126 but includes a co-requisite Learning Support class. This option provides additional support to students who may need extra assistance in mastering the course material.