College Committees

The College Bylaws identify five standing committees, but allow for the creation of various ad-hoc committees. The committee membership for academic year 2015-2016 is listed below.

Executive Committee*
Role Committee Member
Chair/Dean Rama Venkat
Associate Deans Mohamed Trabia
Georg Mauer
CE Donald Hayes
CS Laxmi Gewali
ECE Yingtao Jiang
ME Brendan O'Toole
AFROTC Allen Henderson
ARMY ROTC Glenmore Heilman

Standing Committees**

Faculty Affairs Committee
Role Committee Member
Chair Emma Regentova
CE Nader Ghafoori (2015-2017)
CS Hal Berghel (2015-2016)
ECE Emma Regentova (2014-2016)
ME Woosoon Yim (2015-2017)
Curriculum Committee
Role Committee Member
Chair TBD
CE David James (2015-2017)
CS Lee Misch (2014-2016)
ECE Venki Muthukumar (2014-2016)
ME Hui Zhao (2015-2017)
Academic Standards Committee
Role Committee Member
Chair TBD
CE Barbara Luke (2015-2017)
CS Kazem Taghva (2014-2016)
ECE Pushkin Kachroo (2014-2016)
ME Douglas Reynolds (2015-2017)
Student Gayle Roces
College Bylaws Committee
Role Committee Member
Chair William Culbreth
CE Pramen Shrestha (2015-2017)
CS Wolfgang Bein (2014-2016)
ECE Jacob Baker (2014-2016)
ME William Culbreth (2015-2017)

(*) Per College Bylaws 2.3.1: The ongoing activities of the College related to faculty, staff, students, and curriculum shall be conducted to a large extent by committees made up of faculty and, in some cases, staff and students. The standing committees of the College shall be the Academic Standards Committee, the Curriculum Committee, the Faculty Affairs Committee, and the College Bylaws Committee. The Executive Committee is a permanent College Committee. The Dean will appoint ad hoc committees as may be required from time to time. The Dean and Associate Deans are non-voting ex officio members of all committees.

(**) Per College Bylaws 2.3.3: The term of service on a committee shall be for two academic years. Faculty committee members shall be elected/appointed in staggered terms such that about one-half of the membership carries over to the following year. Elections and appointments shall be made near the end of the spring semester to take effect at the start of the fall semester. No more than two consecutive terms of service are permissible. Student members shall be selected as early in the fall semester as possible.