Do I have to be a UNLV student to participate in RebelForge?

Yes, RebelForge clients need to be current UNLV students.

What happens when I graduate from UNLV? Do I stop receiving assistance?

No, you transition to become a regular Nevada SBDC client and will continue to have access to the same resources, training, and advising. The only difference is, you will not be eligible for the RebelForge grant, but there are other financing and grant opportunities that your advisor can provide information on.

I hear BlackFire, SBDC, OED, SBA in relation to RebelForge. How do all of these tie together?

RebelForge is a joint initiative by the UNLV Office of Economic Development (OED) and the Nevada Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which is a statewide program partially funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA). We are housed together at the BlackFire Innovation offices, so RebelForge advisors work hand-in-hand with SBDC advisors.

How are your services free of charge?

RebelForge is funded through SBDC and UNLV.

What type of businesses or industries can be assisted by RebelForge?

We assist any and all businesses, even online businesses. However, since RebelForge is partially funded by a federal organization (the SBA), we cannot serve businesses involving goods or services that are federally illegal (such as gambling or marijuana).

At what stage does my business need to be in?

RebelForge can assist you at any stage. If you only have an idea, we can assist you with your business plan and start your business. We also assist established businesses with growth strategies and even an exit strategy if they plan on closing the business.

What areas of my business do you assist with?

We can assist in all aspects of your business: finance, marketing, sales, management, and more.

What should I expect after I sign up as a client?

Once you sign up as a client, you will be assigned to a RebelForge advisor who will reach out via email to complete the client sign up process. We understand that every business and entrepreneur is different, so it is important for us to get to know you and customize the resources we share with you. An initial meeting will be scheduled, where your advisor will ask questions about you and your business in order to provide you with guidance and resources that will best serve you. You will communicate with your advisor through follow up one-on-one calls and emails where they can address any concerns or questions you may have at any point after the initial meeting.

As a client, can you fill out forms or create documents?

No, RebelForge advisors are hands-off advisors. We can provide you with guidance and resources to assist you make informed decisions, but we cannot fill out anything or make a decision on your behalf.

Do I have to give up any equity or ownership of my business or idea to participate in RebelForge?

No, students will retain all rights to their businesses and intellectual property. We are simply advisors that you can turn to for resources and guidance in running your business. Additionally, all RebelForge and SBDC advisors have signed a CDA (Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement, also known as NDA) and will keep business information confidential.