About the RebelForge Program


To forge the next great generation of world-changing entrepreneurs and innovators.


RebelForge fosters the young minds of future entrepreneurs and innovators by cultivating resources, knowledge, and skill sets that are essential to the development process of a successful startup.

Commitment to Diversity and Excellence

The RebelForge program is a direct effort in UNLV’s commitment to building institutional capacity for student belonging. UNLV is recognized as one of the nation’s most diverse campus for undergraduates according to U.S. News & World Report, a fact that our university is incredibly proud of. As the U.S. becomes increasingly more diverse it is important to foster innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity of underrepresented groups. For UNLV, this means providing meaningful and positive experiences through RebelForge for our students, faculty, and community stakeholders who all play an essential role in defining our institution’s culture of inclusive excellence.

In order for the United States to maintain the global leadership and competitiveness in science and technology that are critical to achieving national goals, we must invest in research, encourage innovation, and grow a strong, diverse, and talented workforce that is inclusive of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

RebelForge will strive for inclusive excellence of all student backgrounds as an effective means of providing UNLV students with a place to belong, an environment to be successful, and affirmation that their contributions to our institution and community are valued.

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