RebelForge fosters economic development by providing entrepreneurial resources and knowledge to current and future business owners at UNLV.

Connection to Experts and Resources in the Community

RebelForge connects students with local mentors, related organizations, and guides students to attain resources or apply for programs that already exist in the community. Through our connections to experts and resources, students can get additional knowledge, access to funding, and access to facilities.

Commitment to Diversity and Excellence

The RebelForge program is a direct effort in UNLV’s commitment to building institutional capacity for student belonging. As one of the nation’s most diverse campuses for undergraduates, UNLV must strive to invest in research, encourage innovation, and grow a strong, diverse, and talented workforce that is inclusive of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Through RebelForge, UNLV can provide its students with a place to belong, an environment to be successful, and affirmation that their contributions to our institution and community are valued.

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Renee Zhang

Advisory Intern
Email: renee.zhang@unlv.edu

Chris Martin

Advisory Intern
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