Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management


The Hospitality Management Major offers a broad educational approach to a career in the hospitality industry. Its varied course of study prepares students with both the management theories and operational competencies necessary to enter any segment of the industry upon graduation. In addition to the university’s general education requirements, students take classes specific to the industry including an introduction to hospitality, human resources management, organizational behavior, facilities management, hospitality law and a course in leadership, management and ethics. Students also study food sanitation, food service operations, cost control, career development, financial and managerial accounting, financial management, hospitality service management, and operations and strategic management.

The inclusion of 22 credits of elective courses allows the student to customize their educational experience based on their personal interests through the selection of the elective topics of their choice. Although it is not required, students may elect to declare a concentration to provide an opportunity to focus their elective credits toward a specific area of study. Rounding out this curriculum is an internship, two senior-level capstone classes that will have students using all of their learned managerial and leadership skills, and actual work experience in the hospitality industry. This approach offers prospective employers a well-rounded graduate who understands day-to-day operations, has the ability to do strategic planning, and can adapt to a multitude of positions. With this expansive knowledge base, students will be ready to look at numerous career opportunities upon graduation.

The hospitality management program offers concentrations in four areas: gaming management, meetings and events, restaurant management, and PGA golf management. Declaration for a concentration can be made anytime after acceptance into the hospitality management program. For more information about the courses required to obtain a degree in this concentration view the concentration flyer.

Available Options

  • Concentration in Gaming Management

    The gaming management concentration targets not only those who will work in actual casino operations but also students who are thinking about careers in casino accounting, as professional staff in gaming regulations and control, and as suppliers who will serve the casino industry.

  • Concentration in Meetings and Events

    The meetings and events management concentration encompasses meetings, conventions, trade shows, and special events. It is a specialized curriculum that includes information on everything from site selection and marketing to budgets and logistics. The meetings and events industry is an exciting, fast-paced field that allows and encourages creativity and innovation. Most classes are available online as well as in the classroom.

  • Concentration in PGA Golf Management

    The UNLV PGA Golf Management University Program, accredited by The Professional Golfers' Association of America (PGA), is a university degree program designed to attract and educate bright, highly motivated men and women to serve all aspects of the industry and to produce PGA members. The comprehensive degree program blends university degree requirements with requirements of the PGA's Professional Golf Management (PGM) Program.

    The UNLV PGA Golf Management University Program is administered through the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration. Students graduating from the UNLV PGA Golf Management University Program will receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Hospitality Management, and a concentration in PGA Golf Management. The UNLV PGA Golf Management concentration is delivered through a 121 credit hour degree program consisting of: university general education, hospitality management major, and the PGA Golf Management Concentration.

    The PGA Golf Management concentration offers a comprehensive curriculum and extensive internship experiences to prepare students to work in the expanding golf industry. The PGA Golf Management concentration includes 23 credit hours within the Hospitality Management major dedicated to the PGA PGM learning objectives. Successful completion of this course work, along with the PGA Playing Ability Test, and 16 months of internship will provide students the PGA Golf Management concentration designation on their transcript. Obtaining U.S. citizenship, successful completion of the PGA of America background check, and eligible employment within the industry upon graduation qualifies graduates with the PGA Golf Management concentration membership into the PGA of America.

  • Concentration in Restaurant Management

    The restaurant management concentration is a course of study ideal for those students interested in all aspects of restaurant and foodservice management. The focus will be on food production, service, marketing, supervision, and financial management. With over 15 million jobs available in the restaurant industry, this concentration will prepare you for a career in the fastest growing area of hospitality. In addition to the Hospitality Management curriculum, students in this concentration will study purchasing, culture and cuisine, and nutrition in food service.


For information regarding accreditation at UNLV, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify career goals and effective strategies for achieving them.
  2. Communicate effectively in written, spoken, visual and digital modes to different audiences (e.g. industry leaders, employees, employers, faculty and peers).
  3. Manage all forms of capital (e.g., human, financial) in an ethical and sustainable way.
  4. Analyze, understand, and solve human resource problems and challenges. 
  5. Effectively identify and assess the legal risks associated with common hospitality business practices and events and identify appropriate risk management techniques and employment practices to minimize those risks.
  6. Analyze financial, marketing, and operational results and outcomes for hospitality operations
  7. Develop an understanding of customer segments and key marketing concepts, and apply this knowledge to increase revenue and brand value.
  8. Demonstrate effective management techniques in hospitality operations (hotel, F&B, gaming, meetings, events, etc.). 
  9. Design a sustainable component or practice for a hospitality business (hotel, F&B, gaming, meetings, events, etc.).

Additional Outcomes

In addition to the major outcomes, there are additional outcomes for the following:

Concentration in Gaming Management
  1. Apply the mathematics of table games, slots, poker, and race and sports wagering.
  2. Assess business trends and strategies that affect the growth and success of the gaming industry (e.g., human resources, economic, legislative, global development)
  3. Evaluate the management and/or design of cash flow systems, including cage operations and credit collection systems.
  4. Evaluate the management and/or design of gaming regulations including internal controls and accounting and financial systems.
  5. Evaluate the management and/or design of casino marketing, including promotions, players clubs, and advertising.
  6. Evaluate the management and/or design of surveillance and security systems in gaming operations.
Concentration in Meetings and Events
  1. Develop an understanding of the significance of meetings and events within the hospitality industry.
  2. Understand the client or organization's goals and objectives for the meeting and event.
  3. Produce a memorable event experience within budgetary constraints.
  4. Communicate effectively with internal and external constituents to develop proactive relationships when facilitating a successful meeting or event.
Concentration in PGA Golf Management
  1. Demonstrate the knowledge of the PGA constitution
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of the rules of golf
  3. Demonstrate the knowledge of tournament operations
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge of golf car fleet management
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge of golf club design and repair
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge of fundamental golf instruction
  7. Demonstrate the knowledge in golf swing analysis and teaching effectiveness
  8. Demonstrate the knowledge in business planning and operations specific to golf management
  9. Identifying and applying appropriate customer relations techniques
  10. Explain and apply turf grass management concepts to a golf course
  11. Demonstrate knowledge of the swing concepts of teaching
  12. Demonstrate the knowledge of supervising and delegating
  13. Describe and apply merchandise inventory management concepts to a golf club setting
  14. Demonstrate the knowledge of food and beverage control in a golf club setting
Concentration in Restaurant Management
  1. Develop selection and procurement processes for foodservice and beverage operations.
  2. Discuss current and future dietary guidelines, nutrition issues, trends, and regulations.
  3. Design menus providing for various dietary needs.
  4. Describe the meal patterns, food preparation and service methods, and culture of different countries.
  5. Understand the influence of different cultures on food and beverage operations and foodservice trends in the United States.
  6. Plan, direct, organize, execute, control, and evaluate foodservice and beverage operations.

Career Possibilities


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Concentration in Gaming Management

Concentration in Meetings and Events

Concentration in PGA Golf Management

Concentration in Restaurant Management

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