FAQ: Scholarships, Budget, and Other Monetary Issues

Does UNLV offer debate scholarships?

Absolutely — the Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum is pleased to be able to offer financial assistance to a number of its student members. For more information on debate scholarships at UNLV, please see our scholarship information page. It contains very detailed information on how to apply for a scholarship and the criteria that we use to award scholarships.

One of the benefits of accepting a debate scholarship from UNLV is that we will provide you with a written scholarship offer that serves as a contractual guarantee by the Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum. As long as your commitment to debate remains at the same level and you meet the general requirements for scholarship renewal, your scholarship is guaranteed to remain the same or increase, but to never decrease, each semester that you debate at UNLV.

UNLV also provides an excellent education at a very affordable price. The cost of obtaining an education at UNLV is decreased even further by general and merit-based financial assistance. One particularly lucrative financial aid program is the Western States Undergraduate exchange. Any students from the states of Alaska, New Mexico, Arizona, North Dakota, California, Oregon, Colorado, South Dakota, Hawaii, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Montana, or Wyoming may be eligible for the Western States Undergraduate exchange (as long as they meet the scholarship criteria), which drastically cuts the cost of out-of-state tuition.

We are pleased to have an excellent working relationship with UNLV’s Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Students wishing to apply for a debate scholarship should take the time to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. UNLV’s school code to complete your FAFSA is 002569. Complete and sign your FAFSA with your PIN as soon as possible after Jan. 1. UNLV’s priority financial aid consideration deadline is Feb. 1. Following submission of your FAFSA to UNLV, the Director of Debate will work closely with Financial Aid & Scholarships to offer recruits the best possible complete financial aid package.

Are there any costs associated with tournament travel or participating on the team?

The Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum functionally covers all costs for students associated with travel to and from and competitions. We cover the costs of transportation, lodging, tournament entry fees, and we purchase all meals. Students may wish to bring a small amount of personal money with them to tournaments to cover incidental personal expenses (such as the occasional snack, soda, etc.). From office supplies to team (viewing) laptops, and the costs of room and board while at our summer college debate workshop, the Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum subsidizes almost every expense associated with participation.

Who pays for all this stuff?

The Sanford I. Berman Debate Forum has been generously endowed by our benefactors, Dr. Sanford and Mrs. Sande Berman. We are incredibly grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Berman for their continued support. For more information on the Bermans' gift, please see the "About the Bermans" page.