Interactive Visualizations

Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment in Nevada

These interactive maps summarize the number of households within Nevada counties, how many of these households are unserved or underserved in broadband internet services, and the rates of adoption for broadband using data from the 2021 American Community Survey and National Broadband Map.

Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City Light Rail Systems

Las Vegas remains the only large metropolitan region in the Mountain West without a light rail system. These light rail systems in the Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City metros required decades to complete and continue to expand as local needs and resources allow. Each of these light rail systems is larger than one that would be needed to serve the densest parts of the Las Vegas Valley. The three scenarios below super-impose the Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City light rail systems on the Las Vegas Valley. Included on these visualizations are a "half-mile circle" walkable catchment area for each light rail stop.

These visualizations include depictions of light rail systems, including stations and routes, in three Mountain West Metros—Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City — that are super-imposed on the Las Vegas Valley. This allows viewers to see how such a system would look in Southern Nevada.

Fact Sheets

The Transportation & Infrastructure collection presents publicly available and original data on transportation and infrastructure throughout the Las Vegas area, the state of Nevada, and the Mountain West region.