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Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of the student government consists of the Senate President, chair of the Senate meetings, and twenty-five Senators from all nine colleges, with each college receiving proportional representation based on each year's enrollment. The Senators are the official representatives of each of their colleges and vote on various bills and funding proposals throughout the year as well as engage the members of their colleges through email, surveys, and in-person mixers.

The Senate also consists of four standing committees; the Internal Affairs Committee, the University Initiatives Committee, the Scholarships and Grants Committee, and the Ways and Means Committee.

Senate elections take place each fall semester and Senate meetings occur every Monday classes are in session, starting at 6 p.m. in the Student Union room 208 A/B/C.

Senate Leadership

Senate President Pro Tempore

Bethany Greenroyd

Ways and Means Committee Chair

Hira Ahmed

University Initiatives Committee Chair

Makayla Franklin

Scholarships and Grants Committee Chair

Emma Chevalier

Internal Affairs Committee Chair

Joshua Maranon

College of Liberal Arts

Nicole Garcia-Contreras

Cura Lyons

Joshua Maranon

Stephanie Morales-Juarez

Division of Health Sciences 

Hira Ahmed

Bethany Greenroyd

Faria Tavacoli

Lee Business School

Austin Davison

Zanthippie Macrae

John Toledo

Phone: 702-721-7378

Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Christopher Baker

William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

Makayla Franklin

College of Fine Arts

Christian Abbo

Zara Hankins

College of Sciences

Mackenzie Mitchell

Emma Chevalier

College of Education 

Samara Woolfolk

Greenspun College of Urban Affairs

Zachary Johnigan