The CSUN Senate consists of five standing committees on which each Senator is required to serve. Click on the links below to learn more!

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Committee exists for the purposes of considering all proposed constitutional amendments and bylaws, evaluating the actions of all CSUN officials, officers, employees, and entities, along with exploring the qualifications and standards for nominees to CSUN Student Government positions.

The committee members work to enhance the student experience by ensuring all elected and appointed officials of CSUN are held accountable for their actions. They investigate complaints and/or concerns brought forth by members of CSUN and/or the UNLV undergraduate student body against appointed and elected officials within CSUN. This committee works to provide mediation towards resolution while respecting individuality and diversity.

The Internal Affairs Form will be used for non-disciplinary action or requests. For example, if an individual has a question regarding a specific department or assistant's duties or workload, a request for a referral to the Internal Affairs Committee may be submitted. This will not result in disciplinary action-- this is simply a referral for an individual to present evidence of the items in question to the Internal Affairs Committee.

The CSUN Complaint Form will be used for disciplinary action or requests. This is used when an entity is suspected of breaking a policy or rule outlined by CSUN governing documents. All complaints will be referred to the CSUN Advisor prior to being brought to the Internal Affairs Committee.

To view the CSUN constitution, bylaws, and other founding documents, please visit the about page.

University Initiatives Committee

The CSUN University Initiatives Committee works toward several key components directly related to the betterment of the UNLV campus. The University Initiatives Committee focuses on tackling various student rights through awareness on sexual assault, pedestrian safety, mental health, physical health, social justice, community engagement, and sustainability.

The University Initiatives (UI) Committee focuses on organizing social events, improving campus life, and works with other CSUN departments to make the student body aware of CSUN initiatives, events, marketing campaigns, and community happenings. Members of the University Initiatives Committee are responsible for working directly with the members of CSUN and UNLV Faculty on behalf of the student body to address salient issues that are relevant to the student experience.

Some topics & projects relevant to the committee are:

  1. Implementing Waterless Urinals at UNLV to promote water-wellness and sustainability
  2. Working with other CSUN Departments on providing informational marketing campaigns regarding on-campus & las vegas resources
  3. Implementing Emergency Phones alongside campus lights in collaboration with UNLV UPD 
  4. Safe Sex Initiatives
  5. CSUN Focus Groups relating to the AAPI Community, LGBTQIA+ Community, Adult Learner Community, and other marginalized groups across the UNLV campus
  6. CSUN Workshops & Panels addressing mental health, money management, student housing, and various other topics.
  7. The Creation of sustainable merchandise, proposing initiatives such as providing metal straws at UNLV events, implementing more water hydration stations at UNLV, implementing more recycling bins at UNLV, and all other initiatives that tie into sustainability.
    1. And various other topics & projects.

To conclude, the University Initiatives Committee exists to establish policies that are relevant to the student experience, that address overall concerns of campus safety, student health, community engagement, and to overall serve as a voice for you, the students.

Scholarships and Grants Committee

Each academic year CSUN allocates nearly $300,000 in funds to support various scholarships and grants that support undergraduate students. The Scholarships and Grants Committee develops these scholarships and grants in partnership with many UNLV entities and there is a very wide variety in order to reach as many UNLV undergraduates as possible. These CSUN funds can only be awarded to eligible undergraduates currently attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Visit the Scholarships and Grants Committee page to learn more about what scholarships and grants you may be eligible for and to find out about the application processes.

Ways and Means Committee

The Ways and Means Committee of UNLV CSUN Student Government strives to increase student activities and enhance campus life at UNLV. One of the ways in which Ways and Means accomplishes this goal is through the fiscally responsible allocation of CSUN undergraduate student fee money to supplement the cost of operating a Registered Student Organization (RSO).

If you are a member of a Registered Student Organization and would like to learn more about this funding opportunity, please visit the Registered Student Organization Funding Page.