Flags depicting different years of service.

Classified Staff Annual Awards Celebration

The Classified Staff Celebration is an annual event celebrating and honoring staff members of UNLV. Members are recognized for their service to UNLV (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service as well as those that retired).

2019 Milestone Anniversaries

30 years
First Name Last Name Department
Elaine Rojas Financial Services
25 years
First Name Last Name Department
Shyama Malwane College of Sciences
Jason Nibert UNLV Custodial Services
Pamela Walker Facilities Maintenance Services
20 years
First Name Last Name Department
Giorgina Agrellas College of Hotel Administration
Terry Anderson Facilities Maintenance Services
Ramiro Arevalo Tobar Thomas & Mack Center
Patricia Butler Lee Business School
Ronald Castillo Custodial Services
Connie Dye College of Liberal Arts
Ruth Flores Thomas & Mack Center
Maria Ines Rojas College of Sciences
Anthony Jackson Student Life
Dedric Jenerett Thomas & Mack Center
Walter Jenson Thomas & Mack Center
Isabelle  Johnson VP Integrated Marketing & Branding
Eugene Kahaunaele Jr. Facilities Maintenance Services
Jason Kono Thomas & Mack Center
Natasa Korceba College of Sciences
Thomas  Labar Office of Information Technology
Xin Mai William S. Boyd School of Law
Jamille  Malone Student Wellness
Patrick McGhee Thomas & Mack Center
Soila McKay Police Services
Valerie Nehmar Office of Online Education
John Padilla Student Life
Emilio Ramirez Facilities Maintenance Services
Christine Rich Academic Enrichment and Outreach
Maricarmen Rodriguez Thomas & Mack Center
Marice Seda University Libraries
Scott Taylor Police Services
Christopher West Facilities Maintenance Services
15 years
First Name Last Name Department
Ana Aguilar School of Dental Medicine 
Yusuf Alliyani Police Services
Violetta Aromin Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
Miguel Avila School of Dental Medicine
Tiawanda Azouma Baity Facilities Maintenance Services
Ellen  Bolt Student Wellness
Henry Bullard Custodial Services
Bianca Burch Custodial Services
Valerie Calbert College of Hotel Administration
Maria Campos William S. Boyd School of Law
Carmen Chang William S. Boy School of Law
Sara  Covert School of Dental Medicine
Jennifer Cozzolino Student Accounts
Adrian Dadalo School of Dental Medicine
Kimberly Ensigne College of Hotel Administration
Joseph Fernane Custodial Services
Mary Ganny College of Education
John Gaudet Thomas & Mack Center
Ana Hacsi College of Education
Dinora  Hernandez Custodial Services
May  Herschaft School of Dental Medicine
Darrell Johnson Police Services
Amy Kluesner Custodial Services
Candia Little William S. Boyd School of Law
Stephani Loffredo Police Services
Carol Lopez School of Dental Medicine
Tyrone Love Custodial Services
Vanessa Mann Thomas & Mack Center
Maria Martinez School of Dental Medicine
Sandra Moore Intercollegiate Athletics 
Paul Orr Facilities Maintenance Services
Tiffani Peoples School of Dental Medicine
Christopher Rapanos Facilities Maintenance Services
Janeen Reza College of Education
Cristina Scoble School of Medicine
Donald Sims Police Services
Elizabeth Smith College of Sciences
Joann Stevens Academic Enrichment and Outreach
Rachelle  Weigel University Libraries
Eileen Wells Police Services
Michael West  Parking and Transportation
10 years
First Name Last Name Department
Christopher Barragato University Libraries
Joan Beneduce Student Wellness
Imelda Benito-Manzao School of Dental Medicine
Elsida Brito School of Dental Medicine
Katherine Caroon School of Dental Medicine
Orlakdy Douangprachanch Facilities Maintenance Services
Darlene Girouard College of Hotel Administration
Marjorie Guerra School of Dental Medicine
Cheryl Kelton College of Hotel Administration
Jose Lopez Surplus Center
Martha Norheim School of Medicine
Mirely Ramirez School of Dental Medicine
Elaine Reff College of Engineering
Sheryl Sarmiento School of Dental Medicine
April Vomvas College of Liberal Arts
Randy Wallingford Facilities Maintenance Services
Keith Widmann College of Fine and Performing Arts
5 years
First Name Last Name Department
Karina Bautista-Urquiza Student Wellness
Tina Brickley-Dillman Student Wellness
Darby Britt Facilities Maintenance Services
Nancy Cali Cruz School of Dental Medicine
Mayra Cardoso Enrollment and Student Services
Ryan  Carter Facilities Maintenance Services
Xinia Carver Custodial Services
Elfega Catalan-Lezama Facilities Maintenance Services
Mary-Frances Claussen Custodial Services
Pamela Costello College of Liberal Arts
Lus Cruz School of Nursing
Elizabeth Deverux Accounts Payable and Travel
Sanford Ealy Facilities Maintenance Services
Leeza Fazel Office of Information Technology
Stacy Fernandes School of Integrated Health Sciences
Anthony Fields Facilities Maintenance Services
Damon Ford Facilities Maintenance Services
James Gatzmer Thomas & Mack Center
Carlisle  Guansing Office of Information Technology
Ricardo Gutierrez Business Affairs
Alyssa Hill School of Medicine
Lisa Howland College of Hotel Administration
Kipondya Kaseko Facilities Maintenance Services
Michael Kelley School of Dental Medicine
Erik Loera Delivery Services
Jeremy Malone Facilities Maintenance Services
Itzel Martinez-Rodriguez Student Life
Shari Mclean Planning and Construction
Eloushka Miloykova Enrollment and Student Services
Rosa Moloche Garcia College of Fine and Performing Arts
Annabelle Namoc School of Dental Medicine
Tuong Nguyen College of Liberal Arts
Bryan Norris Integrated Marketing and Branding
Veronica Ojeda School of Dental Medicine
Judith Paulson Police Services
Turia Penkalski College of Education
Sanela Prutina Student Life
Sharmaine Quimsing College of Education
Anthony Ramirez Facilities Maintenance Services
Christine Robinson Custodial Services
Dominique Shelton Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement
Casey Sierra Facilities Maintenance Services
Lexy Silva Office of Information Technology
Jovany Soto Custodial Services
Antonia Summerlin Police Services
Colin Switalski Custodial Services
Wyatt Thompson Custodial Services
Purisima Valencia School of Dental Medicine
Jorge Vargas Maintenance and Repair
Deanna Willmon Student Affairs Executive Support
Luciana Yeh UNLV Sciences
Scott Ziegler Police Services
Doncarlos Zurita Facilities Maintenance Services
First Name Last Name Department
Aaron Abbey University Libraries
Rick Agrellas Facilities Maintenance Services
Irene Arakaki School of Dental Medicine
Ramiro Arevalo Tobar Thomas & Mack Center
Jeanne Becker Custodial Services
Vern Belford Delivery Services
Daniel Bush Custodial Services
Maria Calderon Office of the Registrar
Hilda Carson Police Services
Audrey Coffee Kinesiology
Greg Crawford University Libraries
Richard Dohme Police Services
Carol Einhorn School of Dental Medicine
Carleen Finkle School of Integrated Health Sciences
Michael Garcia Student Affairs
Teresa Guadamuz School of Dental Medicine
Ricardo Gutierrez Facilities Maintenance Services
Brian Heaston Police Services
Arlene Heine Accounts Payable
Ruthanne Hogan Educational Outreach
Gary Horan Facilities Maintenance Services
Tessa Jacobs Risk Management
Robin Jenness College of Education
Nancy Johnson Planning and Construction
Darrell Johnson Police Services
Lori Knoertzer Student Affairs Maintenance
Cel Love School of Dental Medicine
Linda Lucken Custodial Services
Kathleen Marx University Libraries
Soila Mckay Police Services
Gail Michel-Parsons Physics
William Newman Police Services
Sue Ochoa Office of the Registrar
Paul Orr Custodial Services
John Padilla Parking and Transportation
Christine Rich Academic Enrichment and Outreach
Barbara Shallcross School of Dental Medicine
Donald Sims Police Services
Elizabeth Smith Geoscience
Stuart Susag Police Services
Scott Taylor Police Services
Kevin Thomas Campus Recreation Services
Patricia Vanslette School of Medicine
David Veith Facilities Maintenance Services
Paul Velez Police Services
Need To Correct Your Information?

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