The University of Nevada, Las Vegas may purchase a subscription to books, magazines, newspapers, films, software or other publications for departmental use. Please refer to the following policy to find out if your publication can be purchased for your department.


What are Some of The Requirements?

Subscriptions for purchases of books, magazines, newspapers, films, software instructions or other publications shall be in the name of the university, not the name of the employee or student.

A subscription may not be mailed to a home address.

Examples of a proper subscription address are:

University Of Nevada, Las Vegas
College Of Hard Knocks (Dean John Doe)
4505 Maryland Pky Box 45xxxx
Las Vegas NV 89154-xxxx

Univ. Of NV, Las Vegas
College Of Hard Knocks (Dean John Doe)
4505 Maryland Pky
Box 45xxxx
Las Vegas NV 89154-Xxxx

Payment for either a new or a renewed subscription, up to one year, may be made in the fiscal year the original subscription is invoiced or the renewal invoice is received.

  • The subscription year does not need to coincide with the fiscal year.
  • There is no restriction as to type of Fund that may be used to pay for the subscription.
  • A request for payment of a subscription longer than one year must include justification of the cost advantage of subscribing for a period longer than one year.
  • No payments will be permitted for more than a two year subscription period.


To Pay for Either a New Subscription or a Renewal

  • Complete subscription form in the format shown above and the department’s telephone number.
  • Complete a Supplier Invoice Request (SIR).
  • Request "Attachments for Checks" as handling code on SIR for check to be picked up, if needed.
  • Attach a copy of the subscription invoice or renewal form to the SIR and process for authorization.

Some Things to Remember

  • Subscriptions may only be made for one year, unless there is a valid savings to the university (and then, a maximum of two years is allowed).
  • All orders must be made in the name of the University or Department.
  • You may use a SIR to pay for a subscription or renewal — a purchase order is not necessary.
  • P-card can also be used as long as you follow the subscription address rules.

For any questions, please contact or 702-895-1157.

Authorization Required

Signature Authority.

Account Restrictions

No account restrictions.


  • Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) or P-card.