Undergraduate Program

Minoring in Family Studies

There is no bachelor’s degree offered in the department, however there is a family studies minor, which prepares students to pursue graduate work in family studies, human development, marriage and family therapy, or the mental health field.

The minor will:

  • Help you grow, maximize your potential, and understand yourself and others better.
  • Provide you with greater sensitivity and awareness to diversity and multi-cultural issues.
  • Give you scientific information about all aspects of human sexuality.
  • Cover a wide range of information about mate selection, as well as couple and family functioning.
  • Help you understand different approaches to couple/family therapy.

MFT 150, 225, 350, and 360 have been approved as General Education courses and MFT 225 has been approved as a multicultural course! Register now!

Required Courses

MFT 150 – Personal Growth

Facilitates self-awareness and understanding, developing close relationships, resolving interpersonal conflict, promoting physical and psychological health, and examining and expanding one’s life goals.

3 Credits

MFT 225 – Multicultural Issues and Families

Explores a variety of multicultural topics related to culture, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, and physical attributes. Identifies aspects of culture as it relates to internalized beliefs, biases, values, individual and family interactions. Students will examine these topics in relation to self and others. Focuses on awareness, knowledge, and skills in working with diverse individuals, families, and groups in a variety of settings.

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or ENG 102

MFT 350 – Human Sexuality

Formerly listed as (Formerly COU 350)

Addresses the physical, social, and emotional aspects of human sexuality. Introduction to scientific information and research pertaining to human sexual behavior and relationships. Addresses topics related to healthy sexuality, decision-making, sexual attitudes, sexual communication and relationships, sexuality over the lifespan, and a variety of issues related to sexuality in today’s society.

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or ENG 102

MFT 360 – Contemporary Marriage and Families

Formerly listed as (Formerly COU 360)

Analysis of historic and contemporary trends in marriage and family relationships in American society. Examination of major family processes through the life cycle, including functional and dysfunctional patterns and their interactions with individuals and communities. Includes information on family development and parenting.

3 Credits

Prerequisites: ENG 101 or ENG 102

MFT 370 – Successful Couple and Marital Relationships

Formerly listed as (Formerly COU 370)

Examination of dating, mate-selection, and successful couple and marital relationships. Focuses on the individual, social, cultural, and environmental factors that effect couple and marital relationships. Provides students with the opportunity to evaluate current, past, and future relationships. Functional and dysfunctional patterns of behavior (communication, conflict resolution, etc.) explored.

3 Credits

Prerequisites ENG 101 or ENG 102.

MFT 428 – Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy

Formerly listed as (Formerly COU 428)

Basic examination of marriage and family therapy, including professional issues, major theories and techniques, and introduction to marriage and family counseling skills. Focus is for students preparing for marriage and family therapy (MFT) as a field of professional study or for those students who may work with individuals and families (e.g. child welfare, education, healthcare, law, etc).

3 Credits

Prerequisite: MFT 150

Undergraduate Course Rotation

Beginning Fall 2008, the undergraduate courses in the minor will be rotated each semester. Please plan your schedule appropriately in order to complete your minor with your graduation date in mind.

Fall Schedule

  • MFT 150 – Personal Growth (Approved as UNLV GE requirement)
  • MFT 225 – Multicultural Issues (meets UNLV multicultural requirement)
  • MFT 350 – Human Sexuality

Spring Schedule

  • MFT 360 – Contemporary Marriage and Family Relationships (meets UNLV GE requirement)
  • MFT 370 – Successful Couples and Marital Relationships
  • MFT 428 – Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy

Summer Schedule

(tentative, courses offered based on demand and faculty availability)

  • MFT 150 – Personal Growth (pending approval as UNLV GE requirement)
  • MFT 350 – Human Sexual Behavior
  • MFT 360 or 370

Undergraduate Catalog

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