The Family Studies Minor prepares students to pursue graduate work in family studies, human development, couple and family therapy, and other professions in mental health. The minor focuses on personal growth, maximizing your potential, and understanding both yourself and others better.


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Learning Outcomes

  1. List and apply various models of family studies.
  2. Summarize principles of healthy interpersonal relationships.
  3. Summarize historic and contemporary developments and issues pertaining to couple and family relationships.
  4. Apply a variety of theoretical models to describe couple and family relationships.
  5. Discover trends in the couple and family therapy treatment literature.


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Minor in Family Studies


Couple and Family Therapy Program

The Couple and Family Therapy Program is committed to helping students become competent professionals through developing greater self-awareness, appreciating and embracing diversity, learning the art and science of clinical practice, and promoting a sense of ethical behavior, professionalism, and personal identity.


Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at UNLV

UNLV is creating a world-class center for medical education, patient care, and research that prepares Nevada’s doctors with the most innovative and technologically advanced forms of medical training while serving the health care needs of a diverse and urban population through community partnerships.