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Required “Core Objectives” for Inclusion in Course Syllabi

We have streamlined our course objectives for the CFT undergraduate courses. Please use the following in your courses.

CFT 150: Personal Growth

  • List and apply various models of personal growth.
  • Appraise how choices made earlier in life have implications for later life.
  • Define self-authorship.
  • Generate a plan for wellness.
  • Develop a plan for managing stress.
  • Summarize principles of healthy interpersonal relationships.

CFT 225: Multicultural Issues in Families

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the various aspects of diversity.
  • Interpret research from a culturally-sensitive lens.
  • Summarize present personal attitudes regarding diversity and diverse individuals.
  • Generate understanding of individual differences.
  • Develop appropriate ways to communicate about diversity in group settings.
  • Evaluate how diversity affects family system functioning.

CFT 350: Human Sexuality

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the various factors contributing to human sexual functioning and gender.
  • Summarize aspects of healthy sexual communication.
  • Summarize societal and personal attitudes and knowledge regarding sexuality.
  • Appraise contemporary issues in the field of human sexuality, including issues of diversity.
  • Distinguish appropriate communication strategies about sexuality and gender through the lifecycle stages.

CFT 360: Contemporary Marriage and Families

  • Interpret how macrosystems influence couple and family relationships.
  • Summarize historic and contemporary developments and issues pertaining to couple and family relationships.
  • Apply a variety of theoretical models to describe couple and family relationships.
  • Discover trends in the couple and family therapy treatment literature.

CFT 370: Successful Couple and Marital Relationships

  • Explain stages of courtship.
  • List and apply theories of relationship development.
  • Evaluate how issues such as communication, conflict, and sexuality affect couple relationships.
  • List and apply theories of treatment of couple relationships.

CFT 428: Introduction to Couple and Family Therapy

  • List the basic tenets of the major models of couple and family therapy.
  • Distinguish between major models of couple and family therapy.
  • Evaluate couple and family relationships though each major model of couple and family therapy.
  • Develop an initial treatment plan to address a couple or family problem.

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