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UNLV students can receive individual support to assist them through the process of making decisions, accessing support, working through feelings, and exploring the impact and meaning of their experiences. The decision to receive support services is often made while dealing with challenging circumstances, so our hope is to make getting started easier.

Call the CARE Line

UNLV students impacted by relationship or sexual violence can call 702-895-0602 to receive trained, confidential support.

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Fill out this form to schedule an appointment with a Care Advocate.

What do we provide?

Safe and confidential space to connect with peers

Often, students feel nervous talking with others about experiences that include violation, betrayal, and/or harm. Sometimes talking with another student can help ease anxiety, but there is no expectation that students share their personal stories with us. The Care Advocates are well-trained, ready to listen, and available to help students understand their options and resources.

Trauma-informed, healing centered support and crisis response

If the student has had a recent experience of sexual harassment, sexual violence, relationship abuse, or stalking, Care Advocates can assist in getting time-sensitive health and safety resources and other accommodations. We will provide the student with a variety of options so they can choose their next steps.

Resources and connection to multiple services and options on and off campus

We collaborate with multiple offices across campus and in the community. Care Advocates can explain the role of multiple on-campus offices and community-based resources in order to assist the student with a variety of options for support.

Southern Nevada Alternatives to 911