Healing through Connections

Experiencing power-based violence can leave long-lasting impacts on your mind, body, and spirit. HTC offers holistic healing tools that cultivate safety, connection, and support.

We collaborate with community healers to offer workshops, outdoor retreats, and digital resources.

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The Student’s Guide to Radical Healing Zine

There is no one size fits all solution; however, everyone has an innate capacity to heal. This is a choose-your-own healing adventure zine designed for you to access healing tools and resources any time & place.

The Student’s Guide to Radical Healing Zine is named with sacred purpose:

  • We believe everyone is a student in learning & forging their healing journey.
  • Radical is defined as “of, relating to, or proceeding from a root”. When we look deeply at the parts of ourselves that have been hurt, we can offer them the love, support, and resources they deserve and need.
  • For this reason, we encourage you to study your own experiences of trauma. By doing so, we can activate our rooted resilience, and we can move past the state of surviving.

Volume One

This volume begins as a “choose your own adventure” for naming and identifying complex feelings often associated with experiencing trauma. It also offers an introduction to various healing modalities and gives the opportunity to create a self-care & healing plan to help nourish your healing journey.

Volume 2

This volume was created and curated to be a partnering guide to vol. one and acts as a guide where you can learn about your nervous system, different types of traumas, and self-regulating tools. It also offers gentle reminders of our own innate brilliance and resilience.