Campus Education & Events

Campus Events

As an awareness and resource agency, we host several events a year that focus on engaging students that may not otherwise seek assistance. The purpose of these events is to bring awareness and educate the UNLV community about the issues of sexual and domestic violence within the lives of UNLV’s diverse student body. We want to create a space where victim-survivors are given a platform to make themselves visible on campus and create a community of support for all survivors.

Prevention, Education, and Outreach

Our mission is to grant access to knowledge, increase sensitivity, and change individual attitudes about interpersonal violence through presentations, discussions, and workshops around campus activism and violence prevention. To accomplish our mission, we facilitate educational workshops and presentations, and staff outreach tables at campus events.

Care Presentations

The Care Advocates are committed to promoting a culture of non-violence at UNLV. One way we seek to accomplish this is through Care Presentations, which are interpersonal violence prevention and education workshops. We facilitate Care Presentations in both academic and social settings. Professors can add to their students’ learning experience by requesting an in-class presentation or Registered Student Organizations can request a presentation for their members.

Request a Presentation

Pre-recorded presentations available

All our presentations include information about our office and services.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
  • This presentation helps students on campus learn about communication skills that promote a culture of consent.
  • Learning Objectives
    • By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:
      1. Define sexual consent
      2. Discuss the different ways a person can give consent
      3. Identify the signs when a person does not want to have sex
      4. Locate Care Center and campus resources
The Power of Romance in Relationships
  • This presentation explores healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships and helps students on campus develop healthy boundaries.
  • Learning Objectives
    • By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:
      1. Define healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships
      2. Discuss power and control in relationships and media
      3. Identify emotional, physical, and digital boundaries
      4. Locate Care Center and campus resources

If you have any questions about our presentations, reach out to the Education & Outreach Coordinator, Brenda M. Hernandez,