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UNLV, NSC, CSN faculty, and staff can receive individual support to assist them through the process of making decisions, accessing support, working through feelings, and exploring the impact and meaning of their experiences. The decision to receive support services is often made while dealing with challenging circumstances, so our hope is to make getting started easier.

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Supporting Our Students

How do I support a student who discloses concerning information?

It can be surprising, stressful or even overwhelming to have a student disclose information that has you concerned for their wellbeing. It is normal and valid to feel any range of emotions when a disclosure occurs.

First, depending on the context of the conversation and the relationship you have with the student, the most student-centered approach is to ask the student directly what kind of support they would like, if any.

Below is some information on the various options in connecting a student with support:

Option 1: Connect the student with Care Center by providing our office's information

If the student consents, you may provide us with their safe email (email only monitored by the student) for us to reach out and schedule an appointment directly with them.

Option 2: Connect the student with the UNLV Support Team.

If working with the student to connect to the Care Center doesn't feel like the best option, you can submit a UNLV Support Team Referral Form, and a member of the team will reach out to the student directly. Please provide as much accurate & honest information as possible when submitting your referral. Once a member reaches out, the student can choose to accept or not accept the team's assistance.

NOTE: Our office is a member of UNLV Support Team, and will be forwarded any referral that includes relationship violence, sexual violence, family violence and stalking.

Option 3: If the student is in immediate danger, calling the police is an option.

Please note, we encourage you to have this option be as student-guided as possible and also to consider the student's potential relationship with law enforcement.

Curriculum Integration

As educators, there is a good chance that the dynamics and factors associated with power-based violence fit somewhere within your departmental curriculums. Tailored videos about power-based violence, consent, and healthy relationships provide an opportunity to reach many students in a non-confrontational learning environment.

We believe it is necessary to bridge the gap between academics and student affairs to ensure the best possible setting for students' learning and personal growth.