The UNLV College of Business was renamed the Lee Business School in 2011 after a generous gift from local real estate developers and casino owners, Ted and Doris Lee. "The Lee Business School is the culmination of everything we wanted to do," Ted Lee said. "Their gift is really a gift to this community, this city," said son, Greg Lee. Both children of immigrant parents, Ted and Doris Lee have experienced first-hand the life-changing impact of a good education. Ted’s father taught him that education was the most important investment he could make. "No one can steal it from you, and you can’t lose it," he said. Through the Lee’s generosity, several game-changing endowments are made possible, including:

Lee Scholars

Lee Scholars are a cadre of high-achieving students who will be able to fulfill their dreams of obtaining a world-class education in business. Financial stability afforded by the Lee Scholars program will help to alleviate monetary concerns for recipients, allowing them the opportunity to focus on their studies and immerse themselves in the university experience. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and personal integrity. Consideration is given to those who exhibit not only a good academic record but have potential leadership qualities that would augur future success in the business world.

Lee Professors

Ten endowed professorships focus on recruiting exceptional junior faculty to enhance, broaden or develop high-priority areas in academic areas in the Lee Business School. These professorships allow the Lee Business School a reliable source of annual support for endowed professorships for junior faculty who are leaders in their fields. Funds can be invested in research or other areas at the faculty member’s discretion – a powerful incentive to come and to stay at the Lee Business School.

Lee Thought Leaders Lecture Series

The Lee Thought Leaders Lecture Series features thought leaders who are highly accomplished, visionary, and internationally recognized in the business community. Twice a year, in the Fall and in Spring, distinguished business leaders and innovators are brought to campus to discuss current business issues and trends, and their individual leadership philosophy.

Lee Visiting Professorships

The visiting professor program draws business leaders to the Lee Business School for a one-week intensive curriculum led by an internationally renowned business professor or executive. Courses are comprised of presentations and seminar-like interaction with attendees and focus on the practical nature of business development. Topics include relevant challenges facing business and industry leaders today and innovative ways of meeting these challenges.