A non-degree seeking student is one who has not been admitted to the university. A non-degree seeking status is defined as any person approved by the Admission's Office to enroll in UNLV courses for the purpose of personal enrichment, professional development, or to improve their academic record in order to be reconsidered for admission after denial of admission for insufficient academic credentials.

A maximum of 24 credits earned while a non-degree seeking student may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree.

When taking classes at UNLV as a non-degree seeking student you must comply with the university and college policies. You may consult the undergraduate catalog for details regarding the university policies.

The Lee Business School reserves the right to limit the number of courses available to non-degree seeking students. The following are helpful tips to make your registration for business courses a seamless process.

  • When requesting enrollment access for a business course you must submit a Pre-requisite Verification (PVF) form and proof of meeting the prerequisites for the course (i.e. Transcripts) to the Undergraduate Advising Office
  • Unofficial transcripts must include the school name and other pertinent contact information
  • Course syllabi may be requested by the advising center to ensure prerequisite content is the same as UNLV courses
  • All prerequisite courses require a "C" or higher grade
  • There are courses reserved solely for UNLV business, degree-seeking students. These courses include (but are not limited to): BUS 496, Internships and Independent Study
  • The UNLV Transfer Equivalency Tables may provide helpful information regarding how transfer courses are articulated into UNLV
  • If you are planning to transfer a UNLV course to your home university, it is suggested that you receive approval from your home school before enrolling in the desired course
  • The processing time for course permission and syllabi evaluation will range between 3-10 business days depending on the volume of student requests. Plan accordingly.