In 1957, UNLV graduated its first class. You are a part of a special tradition — a tradition of excellence in education, service as professionals, and support of future alumni. Wherever your life's work takes you — be it business, social service, engineering, teaching, law, the arts, nursing, or hospitality — your university is here for you.

Advocacy, Involvement, and Giving

With an alumni base 140,000 strong, we offer a variety of services and opportunities in support of alumni and their families. UNLV alumni are encouraged to support the values of higher learning through advocacy, involvement, and giving.

Rebels Forever

As of July 1, 2019, alumni automatically become members of Rebels Forever upon graduation. Today, there are more than 140,000 members in your Rebels Forever family.

What We Do

We share news and happenings about your beloved alma mater - UNLV, host events and activities that prepare students for life after commencement, promote and support UNLV Career Services for students while on campus and for alumni throughout their lifetime, and gather alumni for networking and special experiences that enrich the lives of alumni and their families.

Institutional Support

UNLV has rapidly grown as an institution thanks to the support of the community and generous alumni. Together, we increase the value of degrees obtained at the institution through excellence in service, being ambassadors in support of the mission, and giving of funds to make UNLV a better place to earn a degree.

To date, more than 33,000 alumni have contributed more than $52 million to the university in student scholarships, endowments, and major capital improvements such as the Alumni Amphitheater, Alumni Grove, Alumni Park, and the $2.7 million Richard Tam Alumni Center.

Annual Events

We serve all graduates of UNLV and seeks to engage alumni in campus life, whether remotely through regional events or on campus through programs and activities that enhance the student experience and enrich the lives of graduates. We host more than 50 events each year. Some traditional events include:

Your Home

The next time you’re in Las Vegas or on campus, be sure to visit. Our home, the Richard Tam Alumni Center, is your home.