Strategic Plan


The UNLV Alumni Association is the driving force behind a strong relationship between UNLV and its alumni and friends through outreach, engagement, and philanthropy for the benefit of UNLV.


The UNLV Alumni Association is an influential partner across the university and the link to lifetime engagement of future and current alumni.


At UNLV, we don't settle. We always reach for more. We're Rebels.

  • Different. We value unique solutions and innovation.
  • Daring. We value bravery, courage, fearlessness, and spirit.
  • Diverse. We value diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds, and approaches.

The UNLV Alumni Association will:

  1. Serve as the principal voice of alumni to the UNLV administration and community leaders.
  2. Mobilize a global network of proud alumni and friends in lifetime service to the university.
  3. Inspire alumni and friends to advocate for UNLV's interests as a catalyst for the greater good.
  4. Champion a culture of philanthropy and giving back to the university.
  5. Elevate the importance of alumni engagement through intentional communications.
  6. Partner with the university to build a strong infrastructure to ensure the success of the organization's strategic objectives.