Committees are the backbone of engaging alumni in university life after graduation. They meet regularly (usually four to six times per year) to discuss policy and procedures and to implement our goals and objectives. The committees are:


Chair: Landon Shores | Staff liaison: Liane Lee

The Advocacy Committee was established to serve as a resource to the board to support the interests of the UNLV Alumni Association by providing information to generate awareness about issues impacting higher education and the UNLV alumni community to critical decision- makers. This Committee will recommend opportunities for advocacy and develop a plan of action to engage and mobilize our UNLV Alumni. Further, the Committee will strengthen alumni engagement within the community for all UNLV graduates and friends of UNLV. Committee members will serve as a liaison to various university organizations and/or university committees as needed and/or will be requested to engage with our community leaders on issues of importance to the UNLV Alumni community. This Committee will meet a minimum of four times per year.

Board Development

Chair: Mark Wiley | Staff Liaison: Blake Douglas

The Board Development Committee is charged with nominating new directors and officers for election to the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The members of this committee regularly review and evaluate the involvement of the current directors of the board and recommend members for reappointment. The committee also reviews the qualifications of potential board members and recommends individuals to join as new directors. The committee will oversee governance, leadership development, strategic planning, and diversity. This committee will meet a minimum of four times a year.

Chapters and Clubs

Chair: Jenn Oshiro Rivers | Staff Liaison: Amanda Gordon

The Chapters and Clubs Committee will prepare policies and make recommendations to the board concerning chapter and club development, recognition, operation, and termination including chapter member qualifications and requirements. This committee will meet a minimum of four times a year.


Chair: Stacey Purcell | Staff Liaison: Amanda Gordon

The Executive Committee was established to supervise and manage the operations and affairs of the UNLV Alumni Association. Except to the extent limited by a resolution of the Board of Directors, the board delegates to the Executive Committee all of the power of the board whenever the board is not in session. This committee will meet a minimum of four times a year.


Chair: Chase Bush | Staff Liaison: Frankie Andres

The Finance Committee works with auditors, accountants, and the university’s financial aid office to ensure that the financial goals and objectives of the Alumni Association are met. The Committee will present an overall operating budget to the board and monitor financial progress throughout the year, set long-range financial goals and strategies, oversee the investment portfolio, also, create and grow affinity partnerships. This committee will work closely with staff to evaluate the needs for sponsorships, track progress, and oversee benefits provided to sponsors. The committee will monitor the scholarship funds and make recommendations on award amounts. This Committee will meet a minimum of four times a year.

Philanthropy Committee

Chair: Izack Tenorio | Staff Liaison: Missy Arendash

The Philanthropy Committee encourages and leads active participation through the gifts of time, talent and treasure for the alumni association and for the colleges and units across the UNLV campus. It will provide direction and advice to the Alumni Board and staff on connecting fellow alumni with the "why" to be involved annually in order to build a stronger culture of philanthropy. The Committee will utilize metrics to evaluate undergraduate alumni engagement and philanthropic participation and make recommendations to the Alumni Board and staff about the strategic purpose for outreach and engaging events. Additionally, the committee will actively work with the Division of Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement to appropriately and creatively thank those alumni who give of their time, talent and treasure.