UNLV Administrative Faculty have a variety of professional development opportunities available to them. Ranging from on-campus trainings and online seminars to financial assistance for a brand new degree, these programs can help you sharpen your skills, gain new expertise, and expand your professional network.

Earn a Degree: Grant-in-Aid Program

As an Administrative Faculty employee, you are eligible for education assistance through the UNLV grant-in-aid (GIA) program.

This benefit applies not only to the employee, but also their spouse and/or dependents. Under the program, if you enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses at UNLV, CSN, or NSC, the university will pay a portion of your tuition for state-supported, summer session, and community college courses.

Annual AFC Professional Development Day

Every spring the Administrative Faculty Committee hosts the AFC Professional Development Day. This day is an opportunity to break away from normal duties to receive professional training from keynote speakers, and attend interactive sessions that are designed to help re-group and re-charge our professional lives.

UNLV Professional Development

UNLV offers a variety of personal and professional development opportunities designed to enhance, enrich, develop, motivate, and retain our diverse workforce. Learn more about the classes, workshops, and programs we offer.

State of Nevada Professional Development

The Office of Employee Development (OED) provides statewide training, development and consultation services to employees and state agencies, enabling them to increase efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  They partner with agencies to provide and retain a highly qualified workforce that effectively serves the citizens of Nevada, with quality and efficiency in management.