The Administrative Faculty Committee (AFC) is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate and participates in university governance by reviewing and recommending policy on issues that directly affect administrative faculty such as merit and compensation, human resources, faculty senate representation, orientation, and the general communication amongst all administrative faculty members.

Further, the Administrative Faculty Committee serves as a forum for promoting and communicating administrative faculty initiatives and concerns (of both a general and unit-specific nature) among the administrative faculty, the Faculty Senate, and top UNLV Administrators.

Volunteer for an AFC Subcommittee

All UNLV Administrative Faculty — not only those elected to the AFC — are eligible and encouraged to serve on AFC subcommittees. Opportunities include Administrative Faculty Professional Development Day, Awards, AFC Connections (formerly peer connections), and Community Engagement. Contact your representative for information on joining an AFC subcommittee.


The Administrative Faculty Committee’s vision is to create a culture of inclusiveness and growth by fostering meaningful collaborations and providing opportunities for Administrative Faculty to participate in rewarding professional development endeavors.

Download the AFC Handbook/Bylaws


The Administrative Faculty Committee is composed of representatives elected from the following university component units.

  • Advancement
  • Allied Health, Dental, Nursing, and Community Health Sciences
  • Athletics
  • Business, Hotel, and Law
  • Campus Life, Police Services, Student Affairs, and Student Wellness
  • Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach
  • Enrollment Services
  • Finance, Business, and Thomas and Mack Center
  • Libraries, Academic Success Center, Honors College, and Fine Arts
  • Office of Information Technology
  • President, Provost, and Diversity
  • Research & Economic Development and Graduate College
  • Sciences and Engineering
  • Urban Affairs, Liberal Arts, and Education
  • Two At-Large positions
  • Administrative Faculty Senators
  • Director, Human Resources (ex-officio, non-voting)