UNLV/CSN Transfer Office

UNLV/CSN Transfer Program

Academic support for students preparing to transfer to UNLV. Questions email us at rebeltransfer@unlv.edu.
For faster processing please include your full name and NSHE student number


The mission of the UNLV/CSN Transfer Program is to expand academic support services by collaborating with students preparing to transfer to UNLV after graduation from CSN. These services include: 1) providing accurate and timely curriculum and policy information, 2) developing partnerships to coordinate resources, activities, and services across CSN and UNLV that enhance and simplify the process, and 3) empowering students to achieve their desired transfer goal and career objectives through the services provided by the office.

All three UNLV/CSN Transfer Program locations are staffed with a UNLV Transition Advisor.

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UNLV/CSN Transfer Program

Need to meet with a Transition Advisor at the UNLV/CSN Transfer Program? Students who are currently enrolled at CSN can schedule an appointment at one of the UNLV/CSN Transfer Office locations listed below.

Prior to making an appointment, CSN students must:

  • Visit their CSN Counselor/Advisor to get a degree audit
  • Have 15+ college credits completed

CSN North Las Vegas Campus

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

CSN Charleston Campus

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

CSN Henderson Campus

Monday - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm

Book an Appointment

*When scheduling your appointment, please be sure to select the appropriate staff member associated with the CSN location you will be visiting.

David Coupel is our spring 2019 survey winner


"I am so honored to receive this award. Having been a student here at CSN for over 2 years now, I can say that I never thought that I would be standing here to receive this. Also, I feel grateful that CSN has the UNLV transfer advisors. I met with Janet a couple times and she was always so generous with her help on providing advice and guidance to me. Without all of your advice, it would have been difficult. I actually got accepted into UNLV and I am super excited to start my new session in fall 2020. Again, thank you so much for your helpful advice and for this reward!" - David Coupel

UNLV Transition Advisors

Roles of the UNLV Transition Advisors

  • Assist CSN students who intend on transferring to UNLV upon completion of their Associate’s degree: explaining UNLV degree requirements and processes.
  • Work with CSN academic advisors and counselors to ensure students meet requirements by the most direct path of the intended Associate’s Degree from CSN and the intended Bachelor’s Degree from UNLV.
  • Serve as a liaison with UNLV Academic Advising Centers, UNLV Admissions Office, and UNLV Financial Aid Office.
  • Lead UNLV group academic advising sessions.
  • Host UNLV college-specific workshops.
  • Provide global academic support for the smooth transition from CSN to UNLV.

Meet your UNLV/CSN Transition Advisors

Roles of the UNLV Admissions/Financial Aid Counselors

  • Assist CSN students who intend on transferring to UNLV upon completion of their Associate’s degree: explaining UNLV admissions requirements and the application process.
  • Assist CSN students who intend on transferring to UNLV through financial aid and FAFSA procedures.
  • Provide information on NSHE transfer agreements.
  • Provide on-site collection of documents necessary for matriculation at UNLV.
  • Host UNLV admissions and financial aid workshops.
  • Serve as a liaison with additional UNLV resources for the smooth transition from CSN to UNLV.

CSN/UNLV Upcoming Events and Workshops

Join us as we review the transfer process from CSN to UNLV. Our evening and weekend option is rare, so we expect seats to fill up fast! We will discuss deadlines; paperwork, and general campus information. Register before early for a custom articulation sheet and a chance to win a prize. Email rebeltransfer@unlv.edu for more details. We look forward to meeting you!

Transfer Workshops

Pre-Professional Workshops

Interested in a health career but not sure where to start? Come to one of the "Intro to Pre-Health" workshops below to find out more about applying to: Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary, PA, OT, PT & Pharmacy school!

Rebel Preview

Learn about life as a UNLV student at Rebel Preview and customize your day on campus to fit your interests! Get your questions answered, discover our beautiful campus, and experience for yourself all that UNLV has to offer.