Alternate Criteria

If you are a transfer student, please visit the Transfer Students' Admissions Alternative page.

If you do not satisfy the minimum Board of Regents-mandated requirements for admission to UNLV, you may be considered for Alternate Admission. This allows the University some flexibility in considering students who do not meet prevailing admission standards but do show potential for academic success. Additional support services, including an Academic Coach from our Academic Success Center (ASC) are provided to help these students succeed in their studies.

To be considered for Alternate Admission, there is no separate application. Upon submission of your UNLV undergraduate application, should you not meet Board of Regents criteria, but have a minimum high school gpa of 2.0, an offer will be made to pursue Alternate Admission through our Wait List process.

Those who accept a position on our Wait List are asked to submit the following information by April 1st of their senior year in high school (and again on July 1st for late applicants; however space is extremely limited at this late date):

  • A personal essay, explaining why you are interested in pursuing your education at UNLV, and how you might contribute to the academic and co-curricular campus community.
  • Two letters of recommendation from different sources. These may be from a teacher, employer, school counselor, or coach. Their insights about you may prove very helpful to the Committee.
  • Finally, if you have not already submitted them, your official ACT and/or SAT standardized test scores will be needed.

The Faculty Senate Admission Committee will make final determinations for Alternate Admission.