Academic Enrichment

Here at UNLV, we like to challenge our students and turn our academics up a notch. How, you ask? By providing innovative academic enrichment opportunities alongside traditional ones to enhance your college experience.

legs hanging over edge with mountains in the background

Learning Beyond Borders

We are firm believers in broadening educational horizons through travel. Whether you study in another country, perform at a foreign festival, or participate in a national conference, your exposure to different cultures will elevate your academic experience.

Business Students Outside of the U.S Embassy in Cuba
Two students old a Spanish flag
Two students play chess with on Peru mountaintop
Students clean up trash at Red Rock Canyon

Learning from the Community

Learning isn’t constricted to just the classroom. A variety of activities offered through research and service-learning programs expands on your knowledge, provides depth to classwork, and enhances the academic culture of campus.

Several student prep packaged meals
A group of student wearing alternative breaks backpacks looking at a mural
Two students planting seeds
Student in white coat and goggles fill test tube
Honors College medallions

Honors College

The Honors College was built for students who simply want more — more depth, more challenges, more opportunities. The Honors community is one of passionate students who, despite their various areas of study, share a drive to build fulfilling lives that will impact the world.

Student works at a laptop
Student recieves medallion at ceremony
Closeup of a person sketching

Extending Campus to the Community

Whether you want to just take a class, refresh your professional skills, or develop a new talent or interest, UNLV offers a wealth of opportunities for personal growth, enrichment, and cultural awareness.

Elders attending a class
Adults attending a class