Our research focuses on understanding and improving the lives of women in Nevada. Our researchers study and promote research on women's history, gender stereotypes, women's health, workplace equity, women and political power, and gender and sexuality studies.

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MAKERS Teaching Modules

The Women in Nevada History collection is the culmination of decades of work conducted by WRIN’s Director Emerita, Dr. Joanne Goodwin. This incredible resource combines the fruits of three key projects: the Nevada Women’s Archives project, the Las Vegas Women Oral History project, and the MAKERS: Women in Nevada History project. The Women’s Research Institute of Nevada is creating a user friendly app for all teachers to have access to these course materials that can be incorporated into their curriculum. If you are an interested educator or workshop leader that would like updates on this forthcoming project, email wrin@unlv.edu.

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Status of Women in Nevada Briefs

Our goal is to inform policy makers and decision makers in the community and our partners about women's health and mental health, education, and about women in business in Nevada before and after the pandemic.

If you want to receive updates on the releases of these briefs, please email wrin@unlv.edu to be notified.

A few notable points in each area of our research so far:

The data that tracks attempted suicides is inconsistent between various agencies and organizations adding difficulty to the transparency of tracking.

Studies indicate the following criteria enhance students' online educational success:

  • Student self-regulation, self-directed learning readiness, and perseverance.
  • Continuum of student-teacher engagement throughout online course.
  • The presence of an instructor's enhanced communication skillset.

Other studies indicate that children require the same skills as adults to increase their success in online educational platforms.

  • Independent learning ability
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Technological skills
  • Literacy & time management

Oral History

We are trained in producing oral histories. Since the mid-1990s, we have collected interviews and produced the oral histories of women’s contributions to our state in Community-Building, Entertainment, Education, Politics, Gaming, and Activism. These oral histories are contained in the Las Vegas Women Oral History Project. All oral histories are available in the Lied Library Special Collections Department.

Our most recent oral history documents the life and journalism career of Myram Borders longtime UPI reporter and Las Vegas Bureau Manager.

If you know a woman whose life reflects a valued contribution to our state let us know!


We can provide oral history workshops on the following:

  • Introduction to Oral History Methods
  • Incorporating oral histories into your Classroom
  • Creating a Community Oral History Project
myram borders an oral history with caryll batt dziedziak

Myram Borders An Oral History with Caryll Batt Dziedziak

Contact us if you have suggestions for oral histories or are interested in one of our workshops:

Main Office: 702-895-4931, Email: wrin@unlv.edu

Veterans’ Voices

Veterans’ Voices: We’re Listening is an oral history program that preserves the memories and experiences of our Veterans so that future generations may better appreciate the realities and the sacrifices of those who serve in the military.

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