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Our research focuses on understanding and improving the lives of women in NV. Our researchers study and promote research on women's history, gender stereotypes, women's health, workplace equity, women and political power, gender and sexuality studies, feminist theory, and much more. Please visit our Publications page to find out more about working with WRIN on existing publications, or to develop new projects.

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The Status of Women in Nevada Report

Since 2002, the Women's Research Institute of Nevada has worked to provide current information on women's status in the state. In 2004, Director Joanne Goodwin consulted with the Institute for Women's Policy Research on their 2004 report. This report is available from the Institute for Women's Policy Research. In 2005, Dr. Goodwin joined a statewide consortium to collect and study data from approximately 150 indicators of women's health, education, social welfare, and employment in the state. In the resulting report, the chapters on employment and education were written by Dr. Goodwin. The Nevada Women's Fund sponsored the publication of the 2005 Status of Women in Nevada Report.

Although the financial crisis scuttled plans to produce a 5-year follow-up report in 2010, WRIN is currently developing a project to secure financial support for a biennial version of the Status of Women in Nevada Report. This report will draw upon original and existing data sources, as well as the research and expertise of WRIN-affiliated researchers. We hope to launch this reinvigorated series in late 2018. 

The Status of Women in Nevada project is a multi-year project spanning both the rural and urban areas of Nevada. The purpose of the project is to better understand the psychological, political, safety, health, and employment issues faced by women living in Nevada today, and to compare these experiences and perceptions to those of men living in Nevada. We aim to complement existing data and provide relevant and timely information to local and state decision-makers. The survey will be administered online to Nevada residents, and take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Ultimately, this research will be used to shape future policies concerning the physical, mental, political, and economic health of women in the state of Nevada.  

Women in Nevada History

The Women in Nevada History collection is the culmination of decades of work conducted by WRIN’s Director Emeritas, Dr. Joanne Goodwin. This incredible resource combines the fruits of three key projects: the Nevada Women’s Archives project, the Las Vegas Women Oral History project, and the MAKERS: Women in Nevada History project. At the Women in Nevada History website visitors will find biographic information in text, image, audio, and video that fills in major gaps in the history of women’s participation in the development of the state. Experience this impressive collection and learn more by visiting the Women in Nevada History website. Please contact Dr. Joanne Goodwin for more information on this project.