We are dedicated to teaching and mentoring women.

NEW Leadership Nevada

NEW Leadership Nevada is our flagship educational outreach program. NEW Leadership™ is a national nonpartisan program to educate college women about politics and leadership and encourage them to become effective leaders in the political arena. As an official NEW Leadership™ Network Partner, we provide intensive training featuring an innovative curriculum designed to:

  • Teach students about the diversity of women's historical and contemporary participation in politics and policy making;
  • Connect students with women leaders who make a difference in the public sphere, education, gaming, business, law, politics, banking, community activism, and more;
  • Help students explore the demands of justice based, effective, and ethical leadership in a diverse society;
  • Cultivate students' leadership skills;
  • Enable students to practice leadership through action; and
  • Build a state wide network of peers and mentors.

The centerpiece of the program is a 6-day summer institute that brings together 25 college students from across the state to learn about civic participation from accomplished women leaders. Students meet formally and informally with these leaders through a series of panels, lectures, and interactive workshops and create lasting networks and mentoring relationships.

NEW Leadership Nevada is open to undergraduate and graduate students attending a college or university in Nevada. Nevada residents attending schools in other states are also encouraged to apply. Find out more and learn how to get involved on our NEW Leadership Program page.

A group of women meet regarding educational outreach

A key component of our research mission involves engaging in and researching educational programs. We are dedicated to teaching and mentoring women. We also work to develop the skills and talents of the next generation of researchers. We have a number of initiatives that focus on pedagogy, as well as training future researchers and leaders.

Mentoring Aspiring Researchers

At WRIN, we value the opportunity to provide mentorship and community for aspiring women researchers. In partnership with the UNLV Graduate College Student Success Institute, WRIN is developing a program to support female-identifying graduate students at UNLV. It can be difficult to navigate graduate studies, especially in departments and disciplines where women are underrepresented. Our program links women in graduate school to the channels of information and resources on campus, providing a welcoming and safe environment to discuss and navigate the challenges of graduate school. For more information or to participate, check our events page or contact us .

Internships and Research Fellowships

We are dedicated to training the next generation of scholars through internships and research fellowships at WRIN. We are pleased to work with other units and programs to offer internships for credit for students who are interested in learning about the research process. In addition, we frequently offer project-based internships and research positions. For information on current opportunities, please visit our section on ways to collaborate . If you'd like to work with WRIN to sponsor or endow a paid internship or a research fellowship, please see donate.