Interim Director’s Message

Dear friends of WRIN-

As we mark the launch of our twenty-first year, we are thankful for the many supporters who believed in our mission: from our early days when we lacked any notable presence on the UNLV campus to the decades since as we established our long-term record of success.  While our campus location has moved around over the years, WRIN’s presence has nonetheless been consistently felt by students, faculty, and community friends alike.

The past 6 months have proved to be quite the challenge to our institute.  However, despite the ever-changing COVID restrictions, our work continues.  I wish to commend our small but mighty staff for their dedication and determinism during these challenging times.  Please see our recently updated website for the latest news about our ongoing programs.

As always, our work could not continue without the support of our Community Advisory Board and our many community supporters.   Thank you!

Dr. Caryll Batt Dziedziak
WRIN Interim Director

WRIN's Director Headshot